Monday, June 29, 2009

Bath time is lots of fun

Bath time is lots of fun, especially when there are 2 cousins in with you!

Brielle washed Eden's hair

and Eden washed Brielle's hair.

Eden thought this was great!!!!

Party People and dog

Here we are celebrating Eden's Birthday

Even Max joined in :)

Big Cuz Shay

Shay is such a great big cousin. He did really well with Josiah. Here is a cute shot for Yaya!

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One happy PawPaw

My Granny has wanted a picture of all 4 great-grand children with my Dad. Granny, I hope you like these!
Believe me when I say, getting all four to sit still for a picture is a challenge, but so well worth it :)
And Daddy, I'm so happy we got this shot for you. You're a great PawPaw!

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Sleepy Boy

Josiah was tired watching Eden, Shay and Brielle play. This sleepy boy is just too cute!

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Brielle- Pool queen

I have the cutest niece ever.... Brielle has the best personality. She is so much fun, and plays well with Eden. I bet the two of them will get into lots of trouble together in the future!

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Uncle Scott loves cats!??

Scott actually hates cats. Samson was unaware of Scott's lack of feelings for him, and sat waiting to be pet....Didn't happen!

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Looking for fun!

Eden and Brielle looking at the pool being filled with water....waiting to jump in!

Portraits.... Yeah right

This is what happens when you have 4 kids, 3 yrs old and under trying to take a portrait. Just a bad idea from the get go. To close to nap time, and to many people around. We laughed a lot though!!

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Kinsey Boys

Cake time

Don't take away my chocolate!

Whohahahaha.... Sticky fingers

What is this stuff??

Eden's 2nd Birthday-Pizza

Here is our cutie pie enjoying her birthday pizza. Thankfully, you can't tell how big and red her check was. Eden was bitten by something and woke up with a golf ball sized swollen check and her eye was half closed because of the swelling. We went to the Dr. office and they said to just give her Benadryl and keep and eye on her. I was so upset she was sick on her birthday, but she did really well. Thankfully the pizza sauce and birthday cake covered most of the bite. See, she looks like she was having fun!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eden's Birthday

Uncle Scott videotaped Eden's special day. Thanks Uncle Scott.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Take a sip

Eden had a blast playing in the water this morning. She loves trying to drink the water from the sprinkler.

Take me to work Daddy

The sad part of Eden's day is when Daddy leaves to go to work. This particular moring (while still in her PJ's) Eden put on her hat and boots and wanted to go with daddy :) How cute, Don't you just want ot say awwww

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