Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival

We hosted our church's fall festival again this evening and we had a blast. It was the perfect afternoon with beautiful weather and a great turn out from the community. Here are a few pictures for the grandparents to enjoy :)
My sweet thumb sucking pumpkin.

Blue eyes :)

 Eden wore this when she was two. As we pulled out costumes this week she said she wanted to be a lady bug. It was warm and we've gotten our money's worth :)

 My little mess maker.
The goal was to find the buried pumpkin.
Josiah made his own fun with the peanuts.

 Eden loved playing with the other girls on the playground.
Titus was able to watch the cake walk in comfort.
I love how my friend Valerie is watching him, sharing smiles and loving him. You should have seen the joy on her face when I told her she could pick him up. Valerie is such a sweet friend and a great mother.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My little super heroes!

My little super heroes!
Able to make smiles in a single bound.

As we were cleaning rooms this morning, I pulled out some of the kid's costumes. Of course we had to play dress-up and make silly faces. I even donned a cape myself and answered to "Super Momma!" 

Eden is becoming quite the little actress :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seminole Baby

In addition to raising our children with a love of the Lord, We're raising them to love Florida State!
Go Noles!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Titus Update

I realized I haven't been posting lately, Well that's because life in the Gilbreath home has been very busy. I feel like I'm just now coming out of the survival mode of the newborn days. Eden and Josiah continue to adjust to Titus's arrival. Josiah has had a difficult time the past few weeks. He has become very clingy and not wanting to be out of my sight. He very loving towards Titus. He just wants more of my attention. Eden wants to start school. She has stopped taking naps which is difficult for Mommy. So we try to have quite time during the boys naps. She's been working on pre-K and Kindergarten lessons, and loves learning. I think I'm going to start some kind of official curriculum with her in January. I still need to give myself a little grace in adjusting to life with a newborn.

Speaking of my newborn, My sweet Titus is growing up way to fast. I love this age!  It's the sleeping better, smiling often, still where he was when you left the room age. Titus is doing great. He has been sleeping 6-8 hours at night for the past two weeks. I am so thankful to be getting more rest. A few nights he's woken up around 5:00am, but he's nursed and then gone right back to sleep. He really is a sweet baby :)

Granddaddy's Battle

My Granddaddy is an amazing man of God. That amazing man of God is fighting his last days with Alzheimer’s disease. Momma called me this morning to let me know he was unresponsive and that it his battle with this horrible disease would not last much longer.

So today, my mind has been full of memories of Granddaddy. He has always had a wit and charm that made him easy to be around. His twinkling blue eyes held an equal portion of mischief and love. I see that same look in Josiah’s eyes at times. Titus is named for my Grandfather, Titus Simon. Simon is my Grandfather’s name. It is my prayer that my sons grow to be men of faith like my Granddaddy.

All of my memories of Granddaddy have some aspect of his faith in action. He and my Granny were married for 65 years. She went to be with the Lord this past May. Their marriage was a great testimony to the longevity of love. Granddaddy also served as a deacon for 60 years. He has spent his life loving his family and serving the Lord. Which is why watching him suffer through Alzheimer’s disease just seems so wickedly unfair.

Within a Christian world view, I know that this is only one of many ways that mankind feels the effect of the fall. It is part of the suffering that we must struggle through in this life. The suffering is never without purpose.

I think Alzheimer’s is in a special league of evil all of its own. I can think of few other illnesses that destroy with such a disregard to one’s identity. It affects not only the individual with the disease, but also the family. We suffer along with our loved one. My sweet Grandfather is a shell of the man that he used to be. Alzheimer’s has ravaged his mind, and now his body, in a way that has been so difficult to watch. Granddaddy has suffered for years with the disease. Over the past few months, he has had a significant decline. So much so, that he needs 24 hour medical care.

One of the last times I was with him, I was so saddened at his decline in health. He was confused and anxious, unable to rest or even sit still for more than a minute. At one point he had a bad moment and began yelling. This was uncharacteristic for my grandfather. I don’t ever remember him yelling while I was growing up. After he collected himself he apologized then began to go outside to walk. Before he left, He stopped in the doorway and prayed. The prayer he spoke was amazing; the Holy Spirit was evident as words of scripture and repentance poured out of my grandfather. That was the man I knew, that was the Granddaddy I remember from my childhood, always praying for restoration and healing, Praying blessings on his children, grand children and great grandchildren. It was amazing hearing the words of a man whose mind was full of confusion speak with clarity and hope. It was demonstration that the Holy Spirit was still alive and active in my grandfather.

The nursing home staff has also commented on the character of my Grandfather. A nurse told my sister that she could tell he was a man of faith by his actions. She told of how he would roll his wheelchair into other patient’s rooms and pray for them. She said a baby could not pass by that he would not lay his hands on and pray a blessing upon them. As much as he could, he would try to bless the other residents as he helped the nurses pass out medication. What an incredible testimony of a man who struggled in so many ways still try to demonstrate the Love of Jesus as he served his last days on Earth.
Now I await a phone call letting me know my grandfather has entered into heaven. My heart is so heavy knowing he will no longer be here. But it is with great joy that I look forward to him being with his Savior. He has suffered for so long, His body has struggled with illness for years. What a blessing to know his body and mind will be restored and he will be with the Lord whom he loved and served his whole life.

One of Grand daddy’s favorite hymns was Amazing Grace. The words are a gentle salve to my heart ache of losing him.

“Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
and mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil,
a life of joy and peace.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soccer Mom!

One of the things I've been looking forward to for years happened this evening. Eden had her first soccer game; Meaning I have officially become a soccer mom!

She had a blast! We're so excited to give her this opportunity. Eden has the personality of a first born. She assertive and competitive. Harnessing those qualities in a sport will be a good outlet for her. It will also give her the opportunity to learn teamwork, good sportsmanship, sharing, how to graciously accept losing and working hard to win. All of these are great qualities for her to learn and will help her later in life. 

 Eden is the smallest team member. She's also the only girl on her team.
 I told her, "Don't worry about the boys. They're all on your side."
 One of the few moments Josiah was still during the game.

Practicing her Karate Kid moves!