Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival

We hosted our church's fall festival again this evening and we had a blast. It was the perfect afternoon with beautiful weather and a great turn out from the community. Here are a few pictures for the grandparents to enjoy :)
My sweet thumb sucking pumpkin.

Blue eyes :)

 Eden wore this when she was two. As we pulled out costumes this week she said she wanted to be a lady bug. It was warm and we've gotten our money's worth :)

 My little mess maker.
The goal was to find the buried pumpkin.
Josiah made his own fun with the peanuts.

 Eden loved playing with the other girls on the playground.
Titus was able to watch the cake walk in comfort.
I love how my friend Valerie is watching him, sharing smiles and loving him. You should have seen the joy on her face when I told her she could pick him up. Valerie is such a sweet friend and a great mother.

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Kelly @ In Everything said...

so glad you all had a good time;) WE almost journeyed over to join you:)

and I love Valerie too!! It's been too long since I"ve seen her!