Friday, February 26, 2010

Going to the Park- 2007

Another blast from the past. These are from July of 2007. Eden still loves her purple passy. Wow! those first few days of parenting. I laugh at how naive we were.

This was Eden's first visit to the park. She wanted to sleep the whole time. Next time we'll try to have someone take our picture so we can finally have one with all three of us in a picture at the same time :)

Eden in the Activity Center -2008

I can't get over how much Eden and Josiah look like one another. Josiah plays in the same activity center.

Good Morning! This is where I like to play in the morning. The fish and dolphin are fun to chew on. I'm not quite sure how the cow made it in the ocean center, but he's fun to chew on too :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blast from the past post

I found some old blog entries that I had left in my draft folder and forgotten about. Looking through them this morning reminded me of just how fast time flies by. Our lives have changed so much since Eden was that little. Larry finished school, we moved to Williamston and we have a new addition in the family. All of that in less than two and a half years. It makes me wonder what will happen before Eden turns 5 :)

Eden is a month old already. Boy time is flying by so quickly!!! We had her one month check up yesterday and she weighed in at 8lbs. 8 oz. and she is doing great.

It's awesome to watch how quickly she is growing and adapting to her environment. She is awake a lot more lately, unfortunately some of that is between the hours of 2:00-5:00am. She thinks that it's time to play. She is learning who we are and I am amazed at how much she loves her Daddy. Larry is great at comforting her. I see a Daddy's girl in the making.

Eden has an independent streak and is so strong. Her little hands turn white when she grips my finger, and she loves to hold her head up and look around. I can't wait to see what kind of personality she develops. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abbey's Maternity Pictures

My baby sister is expecting a baby next month. It’s hard to believe that my little sister is about to embark on the wonderful and difficult adventure we call parenthood. I always think of her as a 12-year-old getting into my stuff, being a kid. But she’s not a kid anymore. She is a wonderful, funny, loving grown up. I have the privilege not only to call her my sister, but one of my best friends. In a few weeks, she’s going to get to be a mommy. I am so excited for her!

I remember the awesome time in my life when I carried Eden and Josiah. That wonderful experience having another life inside of you. I wanted to give her something to remember these day with. So with our crazy busy schedule we worked out a few minutes to run over to the beach near our parents house to take some pictures. I am so glad we did. Not only is Abbey beautiful, she is also fun. We had a blast taking these and I could tell her honestly what to do and she did it knowing we both wanted the best looking pictures out of it.

When I get home, I plan to play with editing these on my new computer with some new software I have. But I wanted to post some of my favorites for our family to see. I’ll post some before and after editing when I figure out how to work it all out. In the meantime….. Enjoy!

And baby sister, I love you so much. I hope you enjoy these and the last days of your pregnancy. I think you're going to be a great mommy :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Josiah's First Steps

Josiah decided to take his first few step at his first birthday party in front of an audience. He loved the attention and everyone clapping for him. I think I have a real showoff on my hands.

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Favorite photo

I love this picture of Eden! I took it last year. I downloaded it on Mom and Dad's computer, but not mine. So It's been a few months since I've seen it. If the weather is warm enough I want to take her back to do a more. The weather has been a little to cold. I guess this goes to show me that a picture only captures a moment in time. Sometime those moments can be repeated, often time they can not. I'm so happy that I captured Eden's innocence and excitement that day on the beach.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

My little photographer

You can see from my blog that my children are the main focus of my interest in photograghy. I love capturing moments in thier lives, becasue I realize how quickly they pass. It amazes me how quickly they grow and change.
Eden loves to copy Momma and for Christmas she was given a pretend camera. I think this next year, I'll ask for for to get a real one. She thinks it's funny to take my picture as I take hers. :)

Good girl, go for the vertical!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dora's house

Due to the bad weather, I've been rotating Eden and Josiah's toys. It's a great way to make toys last longer and keep their interest. I've taken a lot of the toys they were given for Christmas and packed them away so that I could bring back some oldies, but goodies. This poor Dora tent has taken a beaten' from my little ones, but they love it. We played in the tent most of the afternoon b/c it was to cold and wet to be outside.

At one point Larry came home and all three of us were in the tent hiding. Josiah isn't so good at keeping a secret just yet and enjoys climbing out more than hiding inside.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Long gone are the days when I could leave Josiah in a room and he would be in the same spot when I would return. Now there are constant, where is he and what is he up to moments. His current hideouts are in the kitchen cabinets and anywhere when there might be water. I have learned to keep our bathroom doors closed because he has figured out how to lift the toilet seat, AND he has figured out how to flush to get more water!

Poor Max has had his water dish moved to higher ground and can only have it when Josiah is napping or sleeping for the evening. The water cooler is just a river waiting to happen!

I caught Josiah in his latest attempts to empty my cabinets of all of my pots and pans. I do need to say on his behalf that it is a neat place to explore. There are seven cabinets that have no separators. He can go in on one end and come out at the other side of the L shape. I let him do this most evenings so I can cook dinner.

Thankfully, there is always proof of where he is by the mess left behind. One of my fears is that he will get better at hide and go seek in the future and I'll be in trouble!