Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Life seems to be running in fast forward lately. We're in the middle of fall revival, and we spent the past weekend in Huntersville celebrating Shay's birthday. I've also started keeping a 6 month old. Eden and Josiah continue to be a great source of joy.

Eden is so grown-up sometimes. She says things that just amaze me. Tonight she started asking if she would be a mommy one day. I sure do hope so I said, but you have to get married first. Then she asked who she should I marry? I  her she didn't have to make a choice for a very long time.  Funny how her little mind works.  Larry and I have already started praying for Eden's and Josiah's future spouses.  I just didn't  know she would start asking about him so soon :)

Josiah seems to be my climbing monkey. As I was cooking dinner yesterday, he climbed up on the table and was grabbing at the chandelier. I'm sure he would pick up his feet and swing like an ape if he could! He is so cute when he is being mischievous. It's hard to discipline him when he smile and his dimple shows.

Here are a few pictures from some outside play time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The check is in the mail

This time it actually was, and I was the recipient. Imagine how nice it is to open a letter and find out it's a check for you instead of a bill! A few weeks ago, my Dad called me and told me there was money that the State of Florida had in my name. He asked if I had ever lived and a specific address in Tallahassee. I said yes, I lived there after college.  Then he told me how I could could claim it on-line. So I went here  to check it out. He didn't claim a finder's fee either :) My Dad is GREAT!
Apparently, each state has a clearing house for accounts that different businesses, estates or trust hand over  to the state for various reasons. The money is held in an account for a time, if it is not claimed the state takes control of the money. My dad was looking up our family name. Unfortunately, his name was not on the list but mine and my brothers names were listed.

I filled out an on-line claim, printed out the forms and sent in proof of my address when I lived there. It took 10 minutes tops. Thankfully, I kept my old tax returns and had a copy of it on hand. Friday, I got the check and we went out to a nice dinner.

The money was from an insurance company. I think it is a refund for renter's insurance I had while living in that apartment. I had no idea it was even out there, and was pleasantly surprised to have gotten it back. So take a few minutes to go see if you have any money out there somewhere. If you do, I will not charge a finders fee either :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reflections on Haiti- Part three

While returning to the comforts of home has been wonderful, the lessons I learned and the people I meet in Haiti are still in the forefront of my mind.

This is a sweet little boy. I think his name is Dooley, but my Creole is not great, so I might be a little off. Dooley lives in the mountain with His grandmother. She's the lady standing behind him. Dooley used to live in the city with His mother and 8 brothers and sisters. He was the only one to survive the earthquake. This little boy has stayed in my mind as I think about the survivors of the earthquake. How did he make it out? What did he suffer through in order to survive? What will his life be like? I pray he will grow into a wonderful man. I pray that the tragedy he has suffered will make Him tender towards God, not angry.

Haitians are such a resilient people. They suffer well. Sadly it's because they have struggled just to survive. They bear up under their hardships in a way that is amazing. I watched so many people like Dooley. They only spoke words of thanks; never did I hear any complaints. There was a deep sadness that some shared through tears. Most everyone had lost a relative or friend. I was able to talk to one lady who had lost her two children. My heart broke for her as I tried to imagine how deeply sorrowful life would be if I lost my two children. I just held her hand and cried with her. Trying to offer whatever love could be communicated without words.

You can see what a beautiful countryside Haiti has. You can still see the ocean from some spots on this road. Yet this place only holds sadness. This is the mass grave yard for the earthquake victims. Over 200,000 people are buried here. These two crosses are the only markers.
Our compounds was about 5 miles away and we passed by this site daily. If our drivers wouldn't have said anything we might not have ever known we were so close. I never saw anyone there. I can only imagine it holds such deep sorrowful memories that people do not want to go visit.
As I share these memories it is with the hopes that We will be able to return to Haiti, To these people who have so deeply impacted my life. I see things differently, and will be forever changed.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Will I go to heaven?

A few weeks ago, our dog Max died. It was unexpected and a very sad event in the Gilbreath household. He got very sick after a long walk and died in the middle of the night. Josiah was completely unaware of Max's passing, but Eden knew something was wrong the next morning.

I sat her down and told her Max had died. "Oh" she responded sadly. Then a few moments later she asked, "What's died?" So I tried to explain on a three-year-olds level death and heaven. She solemnly responded. "That's not good." I said, living in heaven is good, but the people left behind are sad because they miss the person or pet that died. I showed her the picture of my grandmother that is in her room and explained that Granddot was in heaven too. I told her I missed Granddot very much, but that she was happy in heaven. "Are there toys in heaven? she asked. "There is something even better in heaven," I told her. "Jesus is there!"

"Jesus lives in Heaven?" I smiled as she stated to understand a little of the Gospel. I shared with her that Jesus lived and died for our sins. That sins are bad things we do, and they separate us from God. But Jesus paid for our sins on the cross. If we believed in Him, confessed our sins, and accepted him as our savior we would live in Heaven with Him too. She seemed content or maybe overwhelmed with my answer. And she went away and played.

During lunch, Eden kept saying. "Max died and is in Heaven." and I would say, "yes, Max died and is in Heaven." Then Eden asked, "Mommy, will I go to Heaven?" I couldn't hold back the tears at that point. I said, "Yes baby, I hope and pray you do go to heaven one day."

"Me too Mommy."

Will I go to Heaven? Oh the depth of that question! I long for my children to know and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. While Max's death was a said thing, I am so glad it opened Eden's heart for conversations about death, Jesus and Heaven. There were small seeds of Truth planted in her heart that prayfully one day will lead to a relationship with Jesus.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out of the mouths of Babes

I've been encouraged by my friends' blogs to record some of the funny and/or interesting things my children say. Eden will of course have more of these in the near future, but Josiah is quickly picking up language skills. I am so surprised at all he can say. Eden had a language delay due to her hearing, so I wasn't expecting Josiah to speak so much this soon. He can parrot almost anything we say, and loves to say Hat, dog and mama :)

Now for today's funny, I have to share what Eden said while I was getting her up from nap. "Momma, look I'm crapping." You can imagine my shock, but trying not to give her a response. I calmly said, "Eden we don't use that word." She said, "yes we do momma, Look I'm crapping." and she began to jump up and down and clap her hands. Then the light bulb went off. I said, "CLAPPING, you're CLapping."

That's what I said" she responded. "Crapping." Trying hard not to laugh, "No CLAPPING, you're CLapping" and I made the "CL" sound three or four time. "I know Mommy," and she repeated crapping three times.

"Dancing Eden, you're dancing!" :)

My Mess Makers

In an attempt to get more milk into my kids diets, (they don't like to drink milk) I broke down and made pudding today. I captured them enjoying it for the first time. As you can see, They loved it! Guess I found another way to get them a little vitamin D.

These two are most definitely mess makers, but they sure are cute when they're messy. Clean up is only a sink bath away. :)

It only took 2 minutes to get this messy.

Who Me... kissing pigs? No, that's just chocolate :)
Who needs a spoon when my hands taste so good?

And I can lick the bowl clean :)

Oh so sweet!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Grand Visit

Big Daddy and Grandmama came for a visit this week. The kids LOVE time with their grands. We took the kids to the NC Estuarium in a near by town. It was such a beautiful day, good times were had by all. Thank you so much for your visit. We hope to see you again soon :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eden's Art

In an attempt to start Pre-K with Eden, we've begun project time each afternoon and evening when Josiah is sleeping. Eden now ask, "when is Josiah going to sleep?" in anticipation of our special time together. She loves our time of day when it's just "the girls."

I've enjoyed this time too, but have realized how much I have to learn in becoming her teacher. Little things like the assumption she would know how to cut with scissors and hold her pencil are just 2 examples of when I've realized.... Ang, she doesn't know how to cut because she's never done it before. She doesn't know how to hold a pencil because this is the first time you've shown her how to draw letters. This time has humbled me as I realize how much work will go into educating our children. But it has also brought great joy as I watch Eden learning new skills and we genuinely enjoy our time together.

Eden is so eager to learn. She started asking how to spell and write her name. Then how to spell everyone else's names. She was so proud of herself as she connected the dots one letter at a time. E....D...E...N.....then tried to draw it herself underneath. All the while she keep saying, "look Mommy, I'm doing it, I'm doing it!"

Making flowers with Popsicle sticks and muffin cups.
She practiced writing her name on this paper, then used it for art.
Recycling...that's my girl!
We made a family of caterpillars

Making anklets.
I love the look of concentration on her face.

One of our supply tins.

Eden's Caterpillar family

Most of what we use, I found at the dollar store and Wal-mart. We have some great little work books that teach letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. We read lots of books, that we check out from the library. We're also working on learning some Spanish. I'm planning to wait to teach her to read for another year or so. For now, we're just focusing on building a good foundation and having fun while we learn.

If you're a homeschooling mom, or if you have a nifty craft you do with your preschooler, please feel free to comment with ideas or suggestions of material you like.
And just as an FYI, I took these pictures using my Light Scoop. I love it! I have a nice flash on my wish list. But a Light Scoop is a great tool until my wish becomes a reality. While reading my friend Casey's blog I saw her mention them and figured I would try it. I'm so glad I did. It helps take great indoor pictures. The pictures above are not edited. :)