Sunday, September 12, 2010

The check is in the mail

This time it actually was, and I was the recipient. Imagine how nice it is to open a letter and find out it's a check for you instead of a bill! A few weeks ago, my Dad called me and told me there was money that the State of Florida had in my name. He asked if I had ever lived and a specific address in Tallahassee. I said yes, I lived there after college.  Then he told me how I could could claim it on-line. So I went here  to check it out. He didn't claim a finder's fee either :) My Dad is GREAT!
Apparently, each state has a clearing house for accounts that different businesses, estates or trust hand over  to the state for various reasons. The money is held in an account for a time, if it is not claimed the state takes control of the money. My dad was looking up our family name. Unfortunately, his name was not on the list but mine and my brothers names were listed.

I filled out an on-line claim, printed out the forms and sent in proof of my address when I lived there. It took 10 minutes tops. Thankfully, I kept my old tax returns and had a copy of it on hand. Friday, I got the check and we went out to a nice dinner.

The money was from an insurance company. I think it is a refund for renter's insurance I had while living in that apartment. I had no idea it was even out there, and was pleasantly surprised to have gotten it back. So take a few minutes to go see if you have any money out there somewhere. If you do, I will not charge a finders fee either :)

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