Saturday, July 28, 2012


I found these pictures I took a few months ago. I had forgotten how sweet this afternoon was until I looked through these again. I love the sunshine in these photos. It was golden and warm. Such a sweet afternoon.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tea Time

My girly girl had a dream come true this past weekend. She had her Yaya, Grandma, and Brielle share in a tea party! She planned it for days and we even brought out the good china.:) She decided she wanted it in her room and set up her small table and chairs. She then went about decorating with a blanket, scarves, a feather boa, and Barbie dolls. She and Brielle even dressed up in matching dresses. To say she had a great time is an understatement. :)

I LOVE this picture of my Mom and Eden.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tater Tower

Many of you know I'm a huge Pintrest fan. I love trying new things I've learned on the site. One of the things I tried was a Tater Tower I found here:

We even made it into a family challenge and got my Mom, brother and a friend from Florida to join in on the fun. I'm waiting to see how theirs turn out.

I have taken picture of the Medusa looking growth in my tower, but I can't find those pictures right now. :( Just take my word for it. I had a huge amount of growth outside of the tower. It was neat!

When Medusa started to wilt and die back and the farmers around here started to harvest their potatoes I figured it was time to harvest ours too. After some pool time, the kids and I decided it was a good time to dig out tater. We made a big mess, had some fun, but didn't get a lot of potatoes. 

We planted red, yellow and white potatoes. The red potatoes did best, but that's not saying a whole lot. The post said you could grow 25 lbs of potatoes, yeah right! We didn't come close to that amount. We had lots of tiny tater, the size of Eden and Josiah's little fingers. Maybe we dug them up to soon? Maybe we didn't plant or water them enough? There are lots of maybes. The one thing I do know is tomorrow we will be having mashed potatoes for dinner :)

 Eden with a big find
 This was after I pulled the fence off and before the mess began.
(That's hay on top)
Our 1st tater harvest.
It will be neat for our kids to eat what we grew.

Titus's 1st Birthday :)

It's hard to believe a year has passed since Titus became a part of our family. He fit so well, I have a hard time thinking of life without him being a part of our family. His sweet disposition and mischievous smiles makes him such an easy baby. He is most happy running after Eden and Josiah, climbing anything he can, playing peek-a-boo, and dancing and playing instruments. He loves his wubby and is happy to suck his thumb when needing to wait on something or someone. He has a great balance of taking it all in, and running around getting into everything.

Titus has yet to master the sleeping through the night. Most nights he's only up once to nurse. You would think after a year of sleepless nights, I would be aching for one.I am, But I'm not. I know these nights of quite and still moments when he nurses and I pray will soon be gone. He is growing a lightning fast speed. He seemed to reach milestones so much faster than his siblings. There are so many moments that I wish I could stop time, or even just slow it down so we could enjoy these sweet days even more. Then again, I think what will the years bring? How much will he change in this next year? What will he be like as he grows into a boy, then a man?

Oh the dreams and adventures he will have!