Monday, February 23, 2009

Josiah 3 weeks

Eden is finally happy about her brother, for the moment :)

Giving brother his passy

It's close to bed time, resting with brother

Blue eyes :)
Eden has taken a liking to her little brother today. She has been funny about him lately. I think she is realizing that he is part of the family and is going to stay. She is still jealous at times, but I am so pleased that Eden is starting to show affection and interest in her little brother. Our desire as Eden and Joshia's parents is to raise them to love and protect one another.
Tonight Josiah was starting to fuss and Eden went over to him and said, "Awwww" then she put her favorite pink blanket over him and tried to put his passy back in his mouth. It was a sweet moment. Granted, she was a lot rougher than I would have liked when putting the passy in Josiah's mouth, but he didn't fuss at her. I praised her and told her what a great big sister she is. It warms a mothers heart to see acts of love like that.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Dedication

The Power behind the preacher!
Casey, Ashton and Josiah being dedicated (we were praying)

Ok Honey, what are we supposed to do?

Smiling, but you can tell I'm sleep deprived

You can see, I'm in love with our son

Smiling at Josiah

Laughing as Larry leads the questions and answers them as well
Today we had the wonderful opportunity to dedicate Josiah in a ceremony at our Church. As Baptists we dedicate our children, not baptise. It is a ceremony more for the parents than the child. We publicly profess our faith and state our desire to raise our child in the teaching and admonition of the Lord.
Larry did a wonderful job creating and performing the ceremony. He asked each couple questions to confirm their faith and for their promise to raise their children to know and love the Lord. Then he prayed over each child.
It was funny as we went through the questions. Larry would ask the questions, then we would say we do, or we will. The congregation got a kick out of it. It was a wonderful experience.
And a specail thanks to Joey. He was my Johnny on the spot photographer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Josiah's photo shoot

Here are four of my pictures from this afternoon. I love that Josiah was awake most of the time and you can see his beautiful blue eyes. You can also see his big feet and long toes :)

More photos

Here are two more photos that Andrea took. Eden had to get in on the action and attention. She was more interested in the Baby Einstien DVD playing in the background, but she did get a few good pictures.

Josiah's 1st photo shoot

You all know my love of photography, so it should be no surprise that Josiah would have his first photo shoot at 10 days old. Andrea came over and took these for me today. I LOVE them!!!! Josiah did so well. He is so cooperative , and such a good baby. Well he did pee, poop and spit up on Andrea's blanket. What do you expect from a naked newborn with a full tummy?
You can see more of Andrea's pictures on her blog or her flicker account
Thanks Andrea, These are fantastic!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Josiah - one week old

Swaddled in his swing
Blue Eyes

Check out my red hair!
Our pediatrician said in dealing with a newborn: "Life is filled with short days and long nights." Boy have I found that statement to be true this past week. Getting up at night is hard to get used to again. Josiah's feedings take a lot of time, so it's not like getting up to check on Eden then going right back to sleep. I guess that's why God has women go to the bathroom so much at the end of their pregnancy. It get us used to not sleeping at long stretches.
We have a rough schedule down with Josiah. He likes to eat every 3-4 hours. We hope to be able to get his schedule together with Eden's so that I can have them napping at the same time each afternoon. How awesome would that be for Mommy!
We are just overly blessed! Josiah is a great baby! Eden is doing well with the transition and our family and church family has been so good to us during this transition. Larry and I are in awe of how good things have gone over the past week.

Weekend Fun

Shay and Brielle
All smiles

Brielle and Eden loved this swing!

Uncle Shannon, Aunt Courtney, Shay, and Brielle came to visit this weekend. We are so happy they came, It's a long drive with two little ones!! Uncle Shannon took some pictures for us while the kids played. Eden really enjoyed having her cousins to play with. She and Brielle are only 6 months apart in age and played so well together.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Update

Sorry no pictures today. I promise that I'll get some posted this week. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Gilbreaths are doing well. Mostly due to my mom being here and helping out. She rocks!!! Thanks Mom!

Josiah is a JOY! He is such a good baby. He does what all newborn do, sleeps, eats and poops. He peed on me for the first time last night. You know...., one of those 2am diaper changes that ends up taking 10 minutes and a clothes change for him and me. Boy, you really have to be fast with a little boy's diaper change. And he hates cold wipes!!! Josiah is sleeping well and we get 3-4 hours between feedings, so our nights are better than I thought they would be.

Eden is doing well with everything. She has been more interested in Josiah's stuff than him. Today, I think she realized that he was staying here. She spent more time looking at him and trying to touch him. She even gave him some of her toast this morning. Glad she's willing to share. Now we just have to teach her to be tender to her little brother. I think I've said "gentle touches" about 100 times today.

Larry is a great Daddy and loves having a son. He's funny learning the difference between Eden and Josiah.

I ended up with a spinal headache from the spinal they gave me during the C-section. Thankfully, it is going away on it's own with lots of rest and caffeine. I have to lay down when it gets real bad. It's weird how fast it goes away when I lay down. It's a slow healing process, but I'm doing great.

Thanks for checking in on us. I'll post some pictures soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sleeping Angel

I love this picture of my sleeping angel. Josiah is a great baby. He is such a blessing :)

Family Visit

This is where Josiah gets his red hair.

Grandma and Yaya with the Grands

Sitting pretty

Happy Momma

Eden and Josiah

Josiah is Here!!!!

Check out that hair and those lips :)
Daddy holding his son

Big Foot

Mommy's first close up look of his hair

Dr. Bane holding up Josiah.

Josiah Larry Gilbreath made his entrance into the world on Feb. 2nd at 12:04 pm. He weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 12.5 oz. and is 21 inches long. The biggest surprise though was not his size but his coloring. He has Bright Red hair. He got that from the Kinsey side. Paw Paw is so tickled! Josiah is so handsome. Lots of people have come to check him out because of his unique coloring.

We had a great team of doctors and nurses attending us. Pat was the nurse anesthetist who took these pictures. It is so awesome to have pictures of Josiah birth. That wasn't possible at Eden's birth. We never even thought to ask, but she told Larry as he was getting ready to bring our camera into the operating room and she would be happy to take a few pictures. She did an awesome job and now we have these memories that we can share with you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

T minus 16 hours

Just wanted to give you the latest details about Josiah. We are scheduled for the c-section at 11:30 Monday. Larry and I have to be there around 9:30 am to do some preparations and few test. The c-section should take an hour to an hour and a half. I'll be in recovery for about 1-2 hours. Then, I get to see and hold our son. I can't wait :)

We are so excited that Josiah will be here tomorrow. Having one child was an unexpected blessing. Being blessed with a second child is further testimony to the great favor the Lord has shown Larry and me. We are so thankful for the great gift from our Lord for giving us a son.

We would like to ask you to please pray for us tomorrow. Please pray for our doctor, Susan Bains, and the nurses and staff at Pitt Memorial. We want this to be a testimony of God's greatness in our lives We hope to have witnessing opportunities through Josiah's birth. Please pray that Josiah and I make it through the surgery without complication and that we would be able to return home in a timely manor.

We hope to be able to take our computer and will try to e-mail or post pictures tomorrow afternoon. We love you all and look forward to sharing our son's birth with you.