Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing Chess with Shay

Eden and Shay really enjoyed the chess set at the resort.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hats and Horses

Eden's Grandma and Granddaddy gave her this cute dress and hat for the wedding. Thanks again :) Eden has never been a big fan of wearing a hat , but she's getting better. Here she decided to share her hat with the knight of the chess set. She was so cute taking it off and on and putting it on the horse. We we said it was time to go she put the hat on the knight and picked him up to leave....So cute :)

this looks good.... see, I can share!
time to go?

ok, we're outta here :)

Holding Pawpaw's hand

When I saw Eden holding Daddy's hand it melted my heart. It reminded me of when I would hold my Daddy's hand when we walked. He took his time and didn't rush our small steps.

It's been many years since I held my daddy's hand like that, but I still love him the same. I think my Daddy is the most amazing man. He loves his Family and the Lord. Daddy, I'm proud to be your daughter.

Cowgirl in Training

I posted this with my cousin in law Erin in mind. Eden is going to take after you and become a cowgirl :) She loves horses and cowgirl hats. PawPaw decided to share his hat with Eden, much to Eden's delight.

Semame Street Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of Dad, Shay and Eden with the Sesame Street characters. Eden really wanted the wand that Zoe ( the one with the purple hair) carried. The characters were so nice to the kids and they were patient in the heat of the day. I would totally recommend Beaches Sandy Bay to any young family for a vacation. The travel was long, but well worth it.

Beach Babies

After the wedding there was no need to stay clean, so the kids decided to play in the sand. The bride joined in later too. More pictures of that to come :)
My beautiful neice Brielle
The flower girls and ring bearer making a sand castle

Monday, April 27, 2009

Josiah- 12 weeks

My little man is 12 weeks old today :) He is such an awesome baby. He constantly smiles and tries to talk to us. He did remarkably well traveling and was loved by all the family and Jamaicans. We are blessed beyond words by him already.
Josiah sleeping in the shade
The Jamaican women LOVED Josiah's red hair. They were so good the children. Here one of hotel staff stopped by to check him out.

Eden at the resort

Eden wanted to steal the knight, she just loves horses :)
Eden wanted to pick all of the flowers.

Sesame Street

We stayed at Beaches Sandy Bay, which has a Sesame Street theme for the kids. Each day there would be some fun activity for the kids and character would show up. On Thursday a big group of characters came by our rooms, so Shay, Eden and PawPaw went out for some pictures. The characters were awesome. It was about 85 degrees, but felt more like 95 and they were in these big heavy costumes.

Eden deciding what she thinks about all these funny people.
Shay and cookie monster

PawPaw joins them for some fun

Abbey hugging Eden

We Love you Elmo!

I pulled these pictures off of Courtney's facebook tonight. This is Eden and Brielle enjoying the Elmo and Friends concert after Abbey's wedding
Brielle and Eden danced out!

You rock Elmo!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jamaica Man :)

We are having such an AWESOME time here in Jamaica. This is a beautiful country full of hard working, happy people. I am in awe of the beauty of the area, and yet so saddened by the poverty we saw driving in to the resort area.

The kids have done outstanding as far as being good travelers and dealing with being off their schedules. Josiah is a big hit with the staff here at the resort. The Jamaican women love his hair and can't believe he's only 11 weeks old. I was told this morning that 'He will be a mighty man." That pleases me. I pray he will be a might man of God!

Eden is having a blast at the beach. She loves playing in the sand. She got a little sunburned today even though we put the sunscreen on her 3 times. It is just so bright here, I will have her swim and play in her shirt tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day for Abbey and Brian. They are excited and we had an excellent meal tonight at their rehearsal dinner. It has been so nice being together as a family. It is a special blessing indeed.

I will try to post pictures tomorrow. I'm having a hard time getting the pictures to upload. I'll keep working on it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cutie Pie

I have the cutest little boy ever :) I'm completely biased, but I'm right. He is such a joy. We had him outside a lot this weekend and he had to wear a hat so he wouldn't get a burn on that handsome red head of his. He are a few of my favorite shots.

put up your dukes

sleepy baby

poking out his bottom lip

Ready to Roll

Eden is getting ready for our trip to Jamaica. She has her shades and her ride. She Ready to Go!

Eden and Una

Eden found a dog that is just right for her size :) Karen and Wes have an awesome little dog named Una. Eden thought she was neat and tried to walk her around our big yard. They we both super cute this weekend.

Throw the ball or take a walk.....tough choice
Walking Una

I'm such a Big Girl :)

Blast from the past!

We had a wonderful visit from our friends from Wake Forest this weekend.

Janna was my roommate from Seminary. I was excited to get to see her because she has just returned from 2 years of living in Southeast Asia. She was a missionary with the International Mission Board and is finishing up her last class so she can graduate in May. Janna is my Friend that tells it to me straight. You got a toilet paper trailing from your shoe or spinach in your teeth and she'll let you know :) She is a gifted mind and has a heart for the Lord. A great combo!

I tease Karen that I introduced her to the Lord on September 11, 2006. A few weeks later, I introduced her to her husband. She owes me big time! Karen has been an awesome friend that brings me great joy. He pursuit of holiness leaves me humbled. She has had a many trials as she walks with the Lord, yet she has grown and matured in a way that makes me proud to call her my sister. Her husband Wes is a constant source of laughter. He is great man and they are just awesome friends!

Wes,Una( the awesome dog wonder) Karen, Eden, Angela, Larry
Janna and Karen

Sitting on the front porch enjoying lemonade and a beautiful afternoon

Wes, Una and Eden

We had a great time guys! Thanks for coming:)

Workin' at the Car Wash

Saturday our youth from Reddicks Grove had a car wash out our house. The youth are trying to raise money for their trip to Pennsylvania and New York. Eden being the big girl that she is tried to jump right in and help out :)
Eden even got her car washed by Amy and James.... thanks guys :)

Eden polishing Miss Kathy's car

stretching to reach the window

hard at work

Jane Ashley smiling as Eden tries to help out