Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun at The Beach

Larry, Eden and I all shared our first time at the Outer Banks together this past week. I was suprised it had taken me 7 years of living in North Carolina for me to finally get out to the beach. Larry smiled and said, I've lived here almost my whole life and this is my first time too. :)

Eden didn't enjoy it as much as Mommy and Daddy did, She prefered to look from the protection of our arms. I think the loud crashing of the waves scared her a little.

I would also like to point out how rugged and handsome my husband looks with his beard. He played Jesus in a Drama for West End Baptist Church. Sadly, the beard was shaved off after the drama ended Friday. It was nice while it lasted.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VBS Night 2

We had another great night at VBS. Eden did much better due to a later nap and great teachers in the nursery. She was super excited to see Daddy come in to her room to act out King David's courage. She crawled right over to him and expected to be picked up. She's such a Daddy's girl.

Monday, July 14, 2008


We're having VBS this week. Larry is playing the Biblical characters.... Tonight he was Moses :) He did a great Job! I never knew Moses was so Cute :)
This is one of our youths, Rececca holding Eden. Eden did well in the nursery until bedtime (7:30). She went to do crafts and when they stuck her foot in paint (to put her foot print on her flag), I could hear her in the sanctuary. We went home to go night night shortly there after.
Overall ,we are really pleased with how well things went tonight. One night down four to go :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

There's a new nut in the Garden :)

We're happy to announce that we're expecting again!!!!

Here is our first picture of our little peanut. We had an ultrasound Thursday July 3rd at Pregnancy Support Services in Wake Forest. Everything looks good. His/Her heat rate was 184 bpm and s/he moved around the whole time we had the ultrasound. It was so neat to see our new baby. We could see the head, arms, legs, spine and feet. It makes the morning sickness worth it :) I have decided that morning sickness is the most inaccurately named illness there is. It should be called all day sickness, or smelly gaging syndrome.

Eden went with us to the visit. She has no idea what being a big sister is all about, but I'm sure she'll learn quickly. She smiled and clapped when she saw the baby, so that's a good sign. She's a joy to have :)

We went to the OB on Friday. We're going to deliver at Pitt Memorial in Greenville. I'm measuring at 10 weeks. That puts our due date at Feb 7th, which happens to be my cousin Jan's birthday. Eden and her new brother or sister will be about 20 months apart. I found out last week that my cousin Casey and his wife Erin are expecting in Feb too. My cousin Justin and his wife Jennifer are expecting in Jan. So the Kinsey side is being fruitful. These three additions will bring us to 8 great grands on the Kinsey side and 3 on the Gilbreaths.

We shared our news with the church today and everyone was thrilled!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers as our family continues to grow.