Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun at The Beach

Larry, Eden and I all shared our first time at the Outer Banks together this past week. I was suprised it had taken me 7 years of living in North Carolina for me to finally get out to the beach. Larry smiled and said, I've lived here almost my whole life and this is my first time too. :)

Eden didn't enjoy it as much as Mommy and Daddy did, She prefered to look from the protection of our arms. I think the loud crashing of the waves scared her a little.

I would also like to point out how rugged and handsome my husband looks with his beard. He played Jesus in a Drama for West End Baptist Church. Sadly, the beard was shaved off after the drama ended Friday. It was nice while it lasted.


Jenn said...

Awwe...I love beach pics.

check out my blog when you get a chance. I had planned to create David a blog for ministering through...he hasn't had time to even thing about blogging. So I am for now just blogging on mine. Jordan and Josh haven't kept up with theirs as well lately, but we are going to get them caught up. =)

Anyway, it was very nice meeting you today. I also love photography, drawing, painting, music, singing...hehe, I have a lot of passions. Too many to keep up with! Most of the pics on my myspace profile were taken by me. The beach pics of our friends were taken by me and all of the children. Andrea took our women's conference photos, and I edited them because she was so busy with other jobs. She was so gracious to take some photos for us. =)

Send me an email at:
jennifer [dot] creates [at] gmail [dot] com

Then I will send you links to my myspace and facebook profiles. You can see more photos of our fam there.

Drea said...

I really like larry with facial hair. Its a good look for him. Travis needs to grow his back this winter, as well as larry. they can be known as the young hot mountain men pastors :-) muhahaha! and I can so fix the lightness in those pics! I have to ask Kenneth abt giving u my old photoshop :-)