Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold days, warm hearts

The weather has been crazy lately. It seems we can go through all four seasons in one day. I try to bundle the kids up and take them out everyday if it's not raining or too soggy. Our back yard is really wet. In some areas you can step, sink down and water covers your shoe. But my kids don't seem to mind. In fact, they love being outside.

Yesterday, I bundled them up and took my camera. I wanted to capture some of their fun. I put Eden and Josiah in a swing for two for the first time. I figured with only a four pound difference in weight they would do OK. Josiah loved it! He giggled the whole time! It made me smile and brought that deep down joy that a Momma gets when her children are enjoying one another. My prayer has been that Josiah and Eden would love one another and be best friends one day. I saw their growing friendship while I pushed them on the swing. It warmed my heart. :)

peeking though the maze.
See Mommy, My hands aren't that dirty!

Swing for two!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love is an Action Word

I did not write the following but copied it from someone else. I should have, could have, wish I would have written it. I loved it so much, May you be moved like I have been to make love an action word. For more inspiration and to see the source you can check out this blog.

"Love is an ACTION word

I am going to be bold for a moment. Some of you may not like what I am going to say. That's okay. There are just so many things on my heart these days and I feel like they need to be said. They keep me awake at night. And since the earthquake in Haiti, I have been moved to my very core. Bare with me while I try and put all of my swirling thoughts into some semblance of order.

Love is an action word.

Love doesn't sit idle.

Love doesn't stay where it is comfortable.

Love doesn't wait until there is enough money, or until all it's ducks are in a row.

Love doesn't need permission or approval from anyone.

Love doesn't worry about reputations.

Love doesn't weigh the cost or avoid sacrifice.

Love doesn't hunker down on the couch with remote in hand, feeling sorry for what it has just witnessed, but never doing a thing about it.

Love doesn't shrugs it's shoulders and let someone else do the work.

Love doesn't turn a blind eye because the problems are too deep and too wide to ever make a difference.

Love doesn't say "I'm not called".
Love doesn't see the color of one's skin.
Love is an action word.

Most people assume we are rich. They say things like "Oh you guys are just like Angelina and Brad". Um - yeah. Minus the 10 nannies, the private jets, the 7 mansions, the maids, cooks,the super model good looks, personal trainers..... oh and the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars. Yeah, we are just like them.The honest truth is, we are usually broke. We live mostly paycheck to paycheck. We give away what is left. We rely on God to meet our needs. We have a nice life. Nothing extravagant. We have everything we could ever need. Our home is small. We wear hand me downs. And most of the world would consider us very rich.

There are people who think we shouldn't be adopting. The fact is this. Whatever we can offer an orphan is going to be a million times better than what they would have had. Like a Mother and Father for example. Like a family.We have went into every adoption with two pennies to rub together. We never had it ahead of time. And we have watched God provide it every single time.

Some people don't agree with that either. They think if you don't have the money upfront, you shouldn't be adopting. It is baffling to me honestly. It is completely acceptable to raise money forbreast cancer research, or for the Humane Society. Yet raising money to give a child a family is not. There is nothing wrong with giving to those things, but you will never have the joy of seeing the direct outcome of where your money went. Each time we give to an adoption, we have the honor of seeing the child come home, united with their family. We get to see the joy in their eyes. We get to be apart of changing a life forever.

Love is an action word.

If you are an American and you are reading this on your own computer, you are far more privileged than most of the world. You are rich. Just think about it for a moment. You could have been born anywhere in the world. You could have been born in Haiti currently living in a tent. You could have been born in Africa, the 8th child to an HIV positive women who is dying and cannot feed you. You could have been born anywhere. But, you were born here. Have you ever asked yourself why?I don't think it was so you could live in American suburbia your whole life, work to make yourself as comfortable as possible, retire in a ovely golf community in Florida , and then die. You were put here for a purpose.

It is not an accident you were born into comfort and safety. It was not an accident you have more than most of the world.When you come to the end of your life you will not regret what you did as much as you will regret what you didn't do.Our lives weren't meant for comfort and safety. Jesus didn't come and buy a nice house in the suburbs, raise a family, and then die. He didn't sit back and wait for someone else to do something. He didn't shrug his shoulders while the rest of world was dying around him. He gave all that He had. He revolutionized this world. He forever changed religion. His life was marked with suffering and pain. He didn't seek comfort. He acted. He loved.He was one man.I am one woman. You are one person. Together we can put love into action. We can put our comfort aside and bury the American dream. Sure it may be hard. You might get hurt. You might not always be safe. You might lose everything. But, you will never regret it. Your life will never be boring. You will find the greatest joy you can ever imagine.

"faith without works is dead." James 2:20

Love is an action word.

Before the earthquake there were 143 million orphans. That number has greatly risen in the past two weeks. Most of us, if we look around at our lives have the room and the resources for one more child. We can all fit one more. Even me. I can fit one more. I can feed, clothe, and love one more.

Did you know that if only 7% of Christians took in one orphan, there would be no more orphans in the world?Imagine a world without orphans.

People think adoption has become popular, fashionable even. That could not be further from the truth. I believe it is the product of an outcry of prayers from those of us who desire to see every orphan have a home. It is a movement in the body of Christ sparked by a spiritual awakening. It is so much more than saving a child's life. It is evangelism in it's very simplest form. Think about it. A child is taken into your home. He once lived in a place where the gospel was not preached. He lived in darkness and oppression. In your home he comes to understand salvation. Think of all of the lives that will be changed from his testimony. It is so much more than saving a life.

More now than ever before we need to come forward. We need to take action. We cannot stay silent and turn a blind eye. In the coming weeks, more and more Haitian orphans are going to need families. But, they aren't just in Haiti. They are in Russia, Africa, and right here in your city. They are all over the world. You can make room for one more. I am sure of it. If I can, you can too. This isn't about waiting until you have all of your ducks in a row. This is about taking action.
Love is an action word."

Monday, January 25, 2010

All Boy!

While Eden slept today Josiah and I had a great play time. He continues to amaze me with his rapid growth and understanding. I think I have a rough and tumble boy on my hands. He seems to love all things boy. Being messy doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. He loves climbing and playing with his littel race cars. We're so blessed to have Josiah as our son. :)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

With the recent events in Haiti, the world has opened it's eyes to the great suffering going on there. I have been unable to disconnect my heart from these people and their great need. As I lay awake praying for them night after night, I have asked how God how He could use Larry and I, and our church to be a part of His healing hands for the Haitian people. I felt like we should GO and be a part of the healing. Sunday, I asked our church if they would be interested in taking a team to minister in Haiti this summer. I was so blessed with the response. There is interest.

After the media goes on to the next hot story, there is still going to be a need for the bare necessitates in Haiti. I pray Christians will not take their eyes and hearts off Haiti. There were approximately 380,000 orphans before the earthquake. There is no telling how many there will be in the days and weeks to come. Hospitals, churches, schools and homes need to be rebuilt. The nation needs to be rebuilt. There is a need not only for the basic provisions to survive, but also for the spiritual needs of the people. They need a Savior!

Lord, May the people of Haiti feel your love and mercy in the days and weeks to come. May the international attention and help make a lasting change so that the lives of the Haitians will be more than just surviving, May they learn to have abundant lives in Christ. May The people of God in the US be willing to GO, help, and love in the Name and POWER of Jesus.

Update and coming events

Josiah weighed in yesterday at 24 lbs! I can't believe he's so big. I put Eden on the scale to see how she would compare and she's 28lbs. Both are healthy. Such a blessing!

I can't believe that we're almost finished with January. My goal for slowing down in the new year isn't going to happen. Life is just flying by here at the Gilbreath House. So many things have been going on lately, and so many things are coming up soon. I feel like we're in a planning season right now.
We are making plans to go to Haiti for a summer mission trip. I'm planning Josiah's first birthday party and a baby shower for Peyton, my soon to be here niece.:) I'm putting together a message for a speaking engagement coming up. I'm heading up a new photo directory for our church, and teaching a youth class. We put up a Facebook page for our church, Reddicks Grove, and I'm planning two coupon classes for the church for the Spring. We're drying out and cleaning up after a water leak in the kitchen. Whoosh! I'm tired just from typing it all out! So much going on and so much that needs to be done. Which means blogging hasn't been on the top of my priorities and probably will not be for the next few weeks. Sorry, but that's just life :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

A few favorites

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Eden and Josiah from Christmas. Christmas is so much better when you experience it through your children's joy. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 3 Stooges

One of the things I like best being married to my husband is the endless laughter we share. As I was cooking dinner, Larry was playing with the kids in Eden's room. Larry called out. "Angela, when you get a second, come play with us." Eden was laughing like she was having a great time. So I knew I needed to check it out and see what kind of fun was being had. This is what greeted me. All 3 of my stooges were in Eden's crib. Eden said, "mama you too, Eden's bed."
I love my crazy family!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Days.

After keeping the kids indoors so much this past week. I asked Larry if we could get outside and pull the kids around in their new wagon. ( Thanks again Yaya and PawPaw!) It's great exercise together they weigh 50 lbs!
It was only 30 degrees! You can see Josiah wasn't crazy about being outside, but Eden loved it! I had them bundled up really well, lots of layers and jackets, gloves, hats and blankets.

Oh no! where Daddy taking us?!!

Tutu for you :)

Eden got this Tutu from Grandma for her birthday, but she was never really interested in it. We gave her a book about Ballerinas for Christmas. The light went off in her mind as we were reading it and she said. "Poo-poo" I thought she needed to go to the bathroom, so we got up to go potty. But she wanted to go to her room. She kept pointing to the closet and saying "poo-poo, poo-poo". Then I got it.... I said "no, Tutu" and took it off it's hanger for her. Then she "dancing shoes" and picked up her pink ballet shoes Brielle gave her. Now she wants to wear it all the time! She has breakfast in it and plays all day in it. Last week, I let her wear it to church. I love my little girly girly.

Pajamas and Tutu.

Shouldn't everyone wear a tutu to breakfast? :)