Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update and coming events

Josiah weighed in yesterday at 24 lbs! I can't believe he's so big. I put Eden on the scale to see how she would compare and she's 28lbs. Both are healthy. Such a blessing!

I can't believe that we're almost finished with January. My goal for slowing down in the new year isn't going to happen. Life is just flying by here at the Gilbreath House. So many things have been going on lately, and so many things are coming up soon. I feel like we're in a planning season right now.
We are making plans to go to Haiti for a summer mission trip. I'm planning Josiah's first birthday party and a baby shower for Peyton, my soon to be here niece.:) I'm putting together a message for a speaking engagement coming up. I'm heading up a new photo directory for our church, and teaching a youth class. We put up a Facebook page for our church, Reddicks Grove, and I'm planning two coupon classes for the church for the Spring. We're drying out and cleaning up after a water leak in the kitchen. Whoosh! I'm tired just from typing it all out! So much going on and so much that needs to be done. Which means blogging hasn't been on the top of my priorities and probably will not be for the next few weeks. Sorry, but that's just life :)

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