Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

With the recent events in Haiti, the world has opened it's eyes to the great suffering going on there. I have been unable to disconnect my heart from these people and their great need. As I lay awake praying for them night after night, I have asked how God how He could use Larry and I, and our church to be a part of His healing hands for the Haitian people. I felt like we should GO and be a part of the healing. Sunday, I asked our church if they would be interested in taking a team to minister in Haiti this summer. I was so blessed with the response. There is interest.

After the media goes on to the next hot story, there is still going to be a need for the bare necessitates in Haiti. I pray Christians will not take their eyes and hearts off Haiti. There were approximately 380,000 orphans before the earthquake. There is no telling how many there will be in the days and weeks to come. Hospitals, churches, schools and homes need to be rebuilt. The nation needs to be rebuilt. There is a need not only for the basic provisions to survive, but also for the spiritual needs of the people. They need a Savior!

Lord, May the people of Haiti feel your love and mercy in the days and weeks to come. May the international attention and help make a lasting change so that the lives of the Haitians will be more than just surviving, May they learn to have abundant lives in Christ. May The people of God in the US be willing to GO, help, and love in the Name and POWER of Jesus.

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