Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold days, warm hearts

The weather has been crazy lately. It seems we can go through all four seasons in one day. I try to bundle the kids up and take them out everyday if it's not raining or too soggy. Our back yard is really wet. In some areas you can step, sink down and water covers your shoe. But my kids don't seem to mind. In fact, they love being outside.

Yesterday, I bundled them up and took my camera. I wanted to capture some of their fun. I put Eden and Josiah in a swing for two for the first time. I figured with only a four pound difference in weight they would do OK. Josiah loved it! He giggled the whole time! It made me smile and brought that deep down joy that a Momma gets when her children are enjoying one another. My prayer has been that Josiah and Eden would love one another and be best friends one day. I saw their growing friendship while I pushed them on the swing. It warmed my heart. :)

peeking though the maze.
See Mommy, My hands aren't that dirty!

Swing for two!