Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This season

It has become a catch phrase to call things “seasons” in Christian life. I suppose it comes from Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. And in my honest moments, I cry out because this has been a difficult season these past few months. Lack of sleep and sick babies makes for a difficult combination. Add to it a sick Momma, and things just get all convoluted in my head. My patience is short and laugher is not as common. The people I love the most in the world are the ones who feel my irritability. Sometimes I hear myself talking and I think, Angela, Why are you so mad about this? Why did you say that?

This “season” has also occurred during the trying times of parenting. Both my older children have gone through really tough days of training lately. Days that have left me worn out and literally on my knees in prayer over them. I keep telling myself, if we put in the hard work now, it will pay off with diligent joyful children in our futures. I’m holding on to that as a precious jewel.

And I don’t mean to sound all melodramatic, like every moment is horrendous. They aren’t. There are some precious sweet moments too. Moments when Eden is helpful to Josiah, or when Josiah tells Eden she’s doing a good job. Other sweet moments when Titus is sleeping and snuggled on my chest,  or giving me a sweet two tooth grin. I hold on to those sweet moments. Realizing that the precious moments are what make this season special. Those moments get me through the season.

I think in writing this I’ve worked myself out of a funky head place. It’s where my mind has battled self pity, weariness, and frustration. I have failed so miserably to make prayer the first place I go when I get frustrated instead of the last. I know it takes an active prayer life, some days a considerable amount of prayer to keep focused on the big picture.

My big picture is that these wonderful people God has entrusted to me are to be cherished and trained. It will not be easy. But I know that my loving God has sifted all of these situations through His fingers to bring about my growth and sanctification just as much as thiers. And I also know that sooner than I will realize it, this season will be over. Then another season will be upon us with its challenges and frustrations, joys and trials. I guess that what’s life is all about. Getting from one season to another until we get to heaven.

A two tooth grin. :)

The Nasty Bug :(

We have had our fair share of the stomach bug lately. Poor Josiah has had it 3 different times. It started when we were in Huntersville visiting my brother 3 weeks ago. He would get better, then a week later it would strike again. This past Friday he started to vomit and just couldn't stop. I don't think there can be a more helpless feeling as a parent than to just watch your child be so sick.  He quickly became dehydrated and we decided to take him to the ER so he could get some medication and IV fluids.

We are so thankful we had nice nurses and doctor. We didn't have to wait long to be seen. I was so proud of Josiah. As sick as he was, he still said yes ma'am and thank you. He also did great when he got his IV. He didn't fight it at all, which just goes to show you how sick he was. Larry and I both agreed that wouldn't have gone as smoothly if he had been up to his usual speed.

As the meds started to work, Josiah stopped getting sick and was able to rest. I had to leave to get the other children settled. When I returned, Josiah was asking his normal questions and was back to smiling. I knew he was doing better when he said he was hungry. The only thing I had in the diaper bag was Titus's puffs. Josiah didn't mind. In fact, he liked them. I am amazed at how quickly children can get sick, then recover. I know the meds and fluids had a lot to do with it. But Josiah just amazed me in this sistuation.

Sunday I started with the virus. It returned today. :( So we've had some down days. Lots of TV watching in our pj's, reading books and playing with puzzles. I have bleached, lysoled, steamed, vacuumed, sanitized, and cleaned every surface in our house! Not sure what else I can do to battle this nasty bug. I would like to ask that you please pray for Josiah and I to get well and stay well. And please pray that Larry, Eden and Titus do not get it. I'm ready for this bug to be gone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gilbreath Family Rules

We've had our hands full lately in the Gilbreath home. Full of blessings and hard work. There are days I fall into bed exhausted! Parenting is such a difficult tasks, it is not for the faint hearted!

One of the reasons we've had our hands full is obedience training with the kids. Larry came home for lunch today. We had a good conversation about the challenges we've been facing. ( I am so glad I married him!)We're trying to develop a plan specific to each child's issues. We realize that punishments and praises effect each of our children differently.  We also realized we needed to team up. It's three against two now :) 

It dawned on me that I had assumed that our children knew our family rules. I feel like I am constantly telling them, something is unacceptable behavior. And most the time I'm upset or angry while telling them. Well what does unacceptable behavior to a 4 and 3 year old? So I decided that I need to type our rules out and read it over with the kids. They each got a copy and one was put on the fridge. We are hoping they will begin to understand our expectations and consequences.  We're praying their behavior will improve.
Eden responded very well to it. She likes list and rules. (That is her Momma in her) This will be a good thing for her. She asked question and during dinner told Josiah the rules when he would break one. Josiah was more interested in the letter and words than their meaning. BUT I am praying he will begin to understand and respond well over the next few days. I plan to go over it with them daily until it is ingrained in their brains.
Al least I feel like I am being proactive instead of reactive. Not sure if this will help, but it certainly can not hurt. Here is the list I created. I looked online and got ideas from different sites. I kept it short and simple, addressing some of the big issues we're having a hard time with, like hitting, table manners and obeying right away and without and attitude.

Gilbreath Family Rules

1. Obey All The Way, Right Away, and With a Happy Heart!

2. Treat each other with respect.
no yelling
no hitting
no kicking
no biting
no name-calling

3. No arguing (talking back) with parents.

4. Respect each other’s property.
Ask permission to use something that doesn’t belong to you.
Put the toy back where you found it

5. Do not complain or throw a fit!

6. Practice good table Manners
You must sit at the table to eat
Use your fork, spoon and napkin
Do not talk with food in your mouth
Ask to be excused when you are finished

7. Clean up what you mess up.

8. Look for ways to be kind and helpful to each other.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Whole Kinsey Family

Last week, We all converged at my brothers house for a three day visit with family. To say it was a hectic loud mess is an understatement! We wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Well, maybe a few more days to visit with one another. It was the first time in over a year that we were all together. We have welcomed two new additions since then as well, Titus and Pierce. We also were celebrating my Dad's success battling Cancer, Eden's successful heart surgery and Josiah's 3rd birthday. Good times Good times :)