Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I've been in a crafty mood lately. Maybe it's the time of the year.  Maybe it's that my kids are getting old enough they can play while I work outside. Maybe it's that I felt had to do some of the things on Pintrerst I read about to justify the amount of time I spend online. Whatever it is, here is my latest creation. I found this dresser on a Facebook yard sale page. I primed it white and it looked great, but Eden wanted a pink dresser. This became our compromise. Watermelon pink and glossy white. My next project will be refinishing Eden's old dresser for Titus. Now to go find some masculine ideas on Pinterest.

Let the record show.....

...... How cool it is to use old records for purposes other than listening!

If you're like my parents, you've got a ton of old records laying around. You can't stand the idea of getting rid of them, because there are fond memories from decades ago that you've associated with the sounds on that vinyl. 

Now you've got reason to pull out those old records, and put them to some good use. 

A few weeks ago my siblings and I threw a surprise birthday party for my mom. I wanted use old records for decorations for the party. A friend gave me a bunch of records she didn't want anymore.  If you don't have an old stash, or a kind friend willing to help you out, Goodwill has them all the time for $1 each.  I used gorilla glue and glasses I found at Goodwill to make these cupcake stands. I picked cute martini glasses that looked neat upside down and had a large enough surface to glue the records. I also used some candle holders I found a the dollar store. I made a few single layered cake stands, and a multiple layered one with a 45 record on top. They turned out great!

Side note: I tried to use hot glue, but it just didn't work well. Gorilla Glue worked great, but took a lot of time to dry. So you shouldn't do it the morning of the party like I did. Learn from my lesson on hot glue not working, so you're not scrambling at the last minute. Your Welcome. :) 
Another cool thing I did was melt the records into party bowls. I picked out all kinds of different shaped bowls and pans. I turned them upside down and put them on a baking pan, baking them at 350 degrees for about 2-3 minutes and they were done.

Another side note: do this on a nice day so you can open your window. After the first few records were complete, my kitchen took on the funky smell of melted vinyl. But the fire alarm never went off, and I just kept working.

The records were able to be slightly molded after they came out of the oven. I pinched the corners or smoothed out edges.  Each bowl looked different based on the size bowl I used for the mold, the larger the bowl, the flatter the record bowl became. 
You can use the bowls for candy, nuts, chips whatever, you want for a party. You could also use them for a decorations or just to through your keys in it. The possibilities are endless.

Sorry I don't have more pictures, I sent the bowls home with my brother for a 80's themed party they were going to attend. These did turn out great and added an extra little oomph to make the party fun.