Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My two blessing

I am blessed beyond measure by these two miracles! I was told 12 years ago that children were not possible. Now to see these two, sitting side by side, brings a joy to my heart that words seem incapable to describe. I have found motherhood to be such a challenge, It's hard to love others more than yourself. It's hard to put away my own endeavors to put their needs first. I get frustrated when night after night I lose sleep to care for a sick baby. Yet, it is so rewarding!It's in those long nights that Josiah will lay on my chest and rock. He is so comfortable, so calm. He loves being comforted by his Momma. It's a blessing to be able to sooth his hurt, to be given a child to love and raise.

I have learned so much about my relationship with Christ through my kids. I wonder if God ever gets frustrated when I do something I'm not supposed to do. When I do something good or learn a new task like Eden or Josiah, is God pleased with me? It's made me wonder at ways I can bring glory to God through being a wife and mother, but more importantly, being a worshipper of God. Just resting in Him like Josiah does with me. You get to have some pretty amazing conservations with God during those long nights.

There has to be a reason that Scriptures describe God as "Abba Father." He is our loving father and a great example to a tired and worn out Momma who just long for a few minutes of quite or a full nights sleep. These are such sweet times of surrender.

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My little artist

Thanks to some inspirations from my cousin Kelly's blog, Eden and I got out the paint and had a blast. I purchased the easel this past spring for $1 at a yard sale. With a little black spray paint and a free plastic planter, It shaped up to be be a great buy :)
Larry and I gave Eden the paints for her birthday, and I was happy to finally get them out and let Eden enjoy them.
So what do you think? I think I've got a budding artist on my hands :)

Miss Potato Head

Eden' s speech therapist said a good toy for speaking the names of body parts the Mr. Potato head doll.
Eden has loved it! Tonight, I caught her using the inserts on her own head.

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Eat the turtle :)

Yummy turtle:)

Thank you Jesus for my stuff animals

Drool Baby

Monday, August 17, 2009

Basket of fun-2

Hiding with the animals

sleepy baby

Cutie Pie

This cracks me up!

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Basket of fun!

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How does this thing work?

I found out last week that Josiah could be given juice. This was news to me because I was told with Eden I could start juice at 1 year. Maybe I just never asked, or didn't think about it b/c it's just easier to nurse.

Anyways, Josiah isn't quite sure how to use a bottle or what watered down juice is. He was lots of fun to try to teach. He got as much on his bib and face as I think he swallowed. He really liked rubbing his gums. I think I'm going to try to give him a sippy cup and just skip the bottle all together.

I love, love, love this picture! This is how Josiah smiles at me most of the day!

Can you see me?

Eden loves to dress up and play with Mama's stuff. I caught this last night. She's so funny!

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Good Deals with Triple Coupons

While in Greenville waiting on a prescription yesterday, I stopped in at Harris Teeter to do some triple couponing.
Here is the stuff I was able to pick up.
Total for the order $74.82
- Coupons and Vic Savings $55.42
oop ( out of pocket) expense was $19.40

Plus I got 3 coupons for free Honey Mustard from the regular mustard that I got for free as well. (Larry loves mustard) The Honey Mustard wasn't on sale at Harris Teeter, so I'll take it to Wal-mart and get the 3 Honey Mustard for free there.
I love finding bargains. :)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blueberry Pancakes

This is what you look like when you really like blueberry pancakes.
Last week Kelly asked me if I would like to go pick blueberry with her. So we had blueberry pancakes for dinner. They were yummy. Eden sure loved them :)

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The Olivers

We were blessed to know some really awesome people while living in Wake Forest. I met Jeff during a mission trip to Mississippi after hurricane Katrina. I joke that he and Amy were the best thing I got out of that trip. Jeff has been a great friend and counselor and Amy is a wise and Godly woman.
They are moving to Del Rio Texas at the end of the month for Jeff to be the assistant minister of Open Door's Church plant. We are super excited for this opportunity, but are so sad our friends are going to be living so far away.
Thankfully, they made the trip to Williamston and our family had some great fellowship this past weekend. And we were able to meet Rebekah Elizabeth. She's only 7 weeks old. I forgot how little new babies could be :)

Every little girl in Texas needs a pair of pink boots!

Pretty Baby, you can already see how smart she is!

The Oliver family

Posted by PicasaWe love you guys and will be praying for your ministry :)

Young Love

This is our friend's son, Jackson. He is such an awesome young man. He wanted to marry me, but Larry came and swept my heart away. I still don't know if he likes Larry yet or not? :)
So then Jackson decided that he was going to marry Eden. The Olivers came to spend a few days with us this past weekend before moving to Del Rio Texas. Jackson was so sweet to Eden. He played with her and enjoyed reading to her.
This could just be young love :)

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sitting pretty

Josiah has almost mastered sitting up by himself.
He laughs when he fall over and then tries again.

Look Mommy, I'm sitting up all by myself

Look, One hand.

Found my toy....

Oh No...leaning, leaning crash! Try again :)

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Pretty Boy

All I can say is I have the cutest little boy ever!!! He is so much fun and laughs all the time.
He has figured out the passy and loves to chew on it or his fingers.
Love those blue eyes.

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