Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My two blessing

I am blessed beyond measure by these two miracles! I was told 12 years ago that children were not possible. Now to see these two, sitting side by side, brings a joy to my heart that words seem incapable to describe. I have found motherhood to be such a challenge, It's hard to love others more than yourself. It's hard to put away my own endeavors to put their needs first. I get frustrated when night after night I lose sleep to care for a sick baby. Yet, it is so rewarding!It's in those long nights that Josiah will lay on my chest and rock. He is so comfortable, so calm. He loves being comforted by his Momma. It's a blessing to be able to sooth his hurt, to be given a child to love and raise.

I have learned so much about my relationship with Christ through my kids. I wonder if God ever gets frustrated when I do something I'm not supposed to do. When I do something good or learn a new task like Eden or Josiah, is God pleased with me? It's made me wonder at ways I can bring glory to God through being a wife and mother, but more importantly, being a worshipper of God. Just resting in Him like Josiah does with me. You get to have some pretty amazing conservations with God during those long nights.

There has to be a reason that Scriptures describe God as "Abba Father." He is our loving father and a great example to a tired and worn out Momma who just long for a few minutes of quite or a full nights sleep. These are such sweet times of surrender.

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