Friday, May 23, 2008

Pictures of our Cutie Pie

Long waited for pictures... It took almost an hour to upload these. However, I knew you would enjoy.

I'm a Rebel Too :)

Finally... I was able to purchase a Canon Rebel SLR Camera! I'm so excited :) After spending time with my friend Andrea and using her camera, I knew it was time to upgrade. After much time and consideration, I decided to get the Rebel XT with a 28-90 mm lens. Upgrading to a better lens and getting a nice flash are already on my wish list, but they will have to come with time.

We met with our new friends for a cookout last night. We were able to take some fun shots, and I let Larry play with the new camera. These are a few of the shots that I enjoyed.

The only downside to this great piece of equitment is the better quality pictures take SO LONG to download and upload without highspeed internet. I have been waiting for about 30 minutes to get these uploaded. I was amazed that Andrea and Kelly blog each day. Larry said, "you would too if we had high speed internet!"
It took longer than I thought to get the pictures uploaded...The connection crashed as it was uploading 4 pictures.. Lesson learned, one at a time is good if you don't have high speed. I was able to upload these two and then it crashed again.... I've been trying to upload for 2 hours!!! UGGGG. I want to cuss!!! How Frustrating!
Enjoy these, and I'll see what I can do. You can also check out Andrea's blog for pictures of last night

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Coupon Queen is at it again

I haven't been into couponing lately because of the move. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out Harris Teeter was having a triple coupon sale. They triple the value of coupons under $1. Larry, Eden and I headed to Greenville for the afternoon. (We did other stuff beside shop.) When all was said and done. We got $315 worth of stuff for $87. We saved $228 in coupons :) Yipeee
To add to that, I was asked to teach a couponing class at the community college. :) Larry met the dean at project InAsMuch. While they talked Larry told him about my couponing. Mr. Walter said that would be great for his students to learn. I'm going to meet with him Tuesday to figure out everything. I'm going to get paid to teach a couponing class. Hehehe :) This is just neat :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Grands Visit

The Gilbreaths came for a visit this week. They love spending time with Eden and she loves all the attention.

Baby Drool

Eden's getting two more teeth for a grand total of six. She has a constant stream of drool on her chin and shirt. She's growing and learing so fast. Can you believe she'll be a year old next month?
Eden continues to bring great joy to our home. We are so blessed by God to have her. Our faith continues to grow as Eden does.
P.S. Dad, you might have a red head grandbaby afterall :)

Reddick's Grove Baptist Church

This is our new Church. The people here have been awesome!!!! It's been easy getting used to country living. The members of our church have taken great care of us and have worked hard to make us feel welcomed.

Mother's Day Surprise

This is suppose to be a surprise for our Moms for mothers day. Both Yaya and Grandmama love pictures of Eden. So we had a photo shoot done before we left Wake Forest. A great friend, Jenny, started a photography business and allowed our family to be her first family subjects. Thanks Jenny for all your hard work. Kiss the boys and let them know we miss them.

This is the link to Jenny's Website:

This is a link to our photoshoot:

To our Moms, We love you so much and hope you enjoy these photos. As we have now become parents, we appreciate all of your hard work and love in a whole new way. We are so blessed to be your children. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hello from Williamston

Hi Friends,

Williamston is proving to be a great place. The members of our Church have been so kind and have worked hard to make us feel welcomed. Getting used to country living is taking time, but over all we're enjoying the slower pace and getting to know people. We can not get high speed internet here. Unfutunatly, I haven't figured out how we're going to post more pictures and videos of Eden yet. I will keep trying.
Eden continue to be great fun!!! She has 4 more teeth and has learned to wave bye-bye this week.