Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a Rebel Too :)

Finally... I was able to purchase a Canon Rebel SLR Camera! I'm so excited :) After spending time with my friend Andrea and using her camera, I knew it was time to upgrade. After much time and consideration, I decided to get the Rebel XT with a 28-90 mm lens. Upgrading to a better lens and getting a nice flash are already on my wish list, but they will have to come with time.

We met with our new friends for a cookout last night. We were able to take some fun shots, and I let Larry play with the new camera. These are a few of the shots that I enjoyed.

The only downside to this great piece of equitment is the better quality pictures take SO LONG to download and upload without highspeed internet. I have been waiting for about 30 minutes to get these uploaded. I was amazed that Andrea and Kelly blog each day. Larry said, "you would too if we had high speed internet!"
It took longer than I thought to get the pictures uploaded...The connection crashed as it was uploading 4 pictures.. Lesson learned, one at a time is good if you don't have high speed. I was able to upload these two and then it crashed again.... I've been trying to upload for 2 hours!!! UGGGG. I want to cuss!!! How Frustrating!
Enjoy these, and I'll see what I can do. You can also check out Andrea's blog for pictures of last night

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Drea said...

awe that stinks so bad!!!!
u know with picasa you can reduce the size of images with out even getting online. that way u could upload them half the size! ill teach you one day. Just download picasa (thru google) its free. and ill help you out.