Friday, May 9, 2008

Baby Drool

Eden's getting two more teeth for a grand total of six. She has a constant stream of drool on her chin and shirt. She's growing and learing so fast. Can you believe she'll be a year old next month?
Eden continues to bring great joy to our home. We are so blessed by God to have her. Our faith continues to grow as Eden does.
P.S. Dad, you might have a red head grandbaby afterall :)


Samuel said...

Yippee! Another redhead! Glad to see you enjoying country life and settling in to a new pace of life. Eden is SO cute - I can't believe she's almost one. It goes by quickly (number two goes by faster!) Have a great summer and we'll hopefully see you this fall.

love ya - kelly

Jenny Monier said...

OMG she is so adorable!!
It is so hard to believe that she will soon be 1...time flies by faster with each baby:(