Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Olivers

We were blessed to know some really awesome people while living in Wake Forest. I met Jeff during a mission trip to Mississippi after hurricane Katrina. I joke that he and Amy were the best thing I got out of that trip. Jeff has been a great friend and counselor and Amy is a wise and Godly woman.
They are moving to Del Rio Texas at the end of the month for Jeff to be the assistant minister of Open Door's Church plant. We are super excited for this opportunity, but are so sad our friends are going to be living so far away.
Thankfully, they made the trip to Williamston and our family had some great fellowship this past weekend. And we were able to meet Rebekah Elizabeth. She's only 7 weeks old. I forgot how little new babies could be :)

Every little girl in Texas needs a pair of pink boots!

Pretty Baby, you can already see how smart she is!

The Oliver family

Posted by PicasaWe love you guys and will be praying for your ministry :)

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