Saturday, July 5, 2008

There's a new nut in the Garden :)

We're happy to announce that we're expecting again!!!!

Here is our first picture of our little peanut. We had an ultrasound Thursday July 3rd at Pregnancy Support Services in Wake Forest. Everything looks good. His/Her heat rate was 184 bpm and s/he moved around the whole time we had the ultrasound. It was so neat to see our new baby. We could see the head, arms, legs, spine and feet. It makes the morning sickness worth it :) I have decided that morning sickness is the most inaccurately named illness there is. It should be called all day sickness, or smelly gaging syndrome.

Eden went with us to the visit. She has no idea what being a big sister is all about, but I'm sure she'll learn quickly. She smiled and clapped when she saw the baby, so that's a good sign. She's a joy to have :)

We went to the OB on Friday. We're going to deliver at Pitt Memorial in Greenville. I'm measuring at 10 weeks. That puts our due date at Feb 7th, which happens to be my cousin Jan's birthday. Eden and her new brother or sister will be about 20 months apart. I found out last week that my cousin Casey and his wife Erin are expecting in Feb too. My cousin Justin and his wife Jennifer are expecting in Jan. So the Kinsey side is being fruitful. These three additions will bring us to 8 great grands on the Kinsey side and 3 on the Gilbreaths.

We shared our news with the church today and everyone was thrilled!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers as our family continues to grow.


3 for Me!! said...

Congrats!!!! Very cool!!! And I love my kids being soo close....I think you're gong to like 20 months and having a little "mother" to help:)

We'll have to chat soon:)

Anonymous said...

congraulations Gilbreaths!

Kinsey Life... said...

CONGRATS! That is awsome news. Yes, the Kinsey's are being very fruitful! I feel your pain with the "all day" sickness...I have been super sick that was my clue something was going on. Hoping as I move onto the 2nd tri that it will ease off! Congrats again!

xoxox~ Casey & Erin

Jason and Kathleen said...

Congrats guys! I was born at PCMH! I am glad I found your blog.