Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Garden has a bug

Well.... this is one of those seasons that each family goes through that's just a tough time. Last week started with Eden's first ear infection. Which, by the way, I pray we never have to go through again!!! Then I got a bad sinus infection and had to be put on antibiotics. Now Larry's sick too.

The one good thing that came out of this is that our church family has been AWESOME!!! We had meals brought to us, and lots of phone calls checking in on us. It's nice to be so loved and cared for. This is one of those times I really missed having my family close by. But then I realize God gave us a great family here too. We're blessed.

I'll post some pictures soon :)

Angela :)

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Kinsey Life said...

Hope you all are feeling better. Eden is getting big...we have keeping up with your blog and watching her grow. Don't know if you have heard yet, but we are expecting in Feb and Justin & Jennifer are expecting in Jan. Tell Eden she has more cousins on the way!! Take care! xoxo~ Casey & Erin