Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a way to spend your Birthday

We spent Eden's birthday at the ER. She ran a high fever most of Monday. By Monday evening it was 103.8, medicine was not bringing it down and I was getting worried. We called the peditricians office and paid $15 for the nurse to tell us we were in for a rough night, (no kidding?)She said that 103.8 was not high enough for her to be seen. She told us to double up on the meds and to wait it out. Well at 12:30 am Eden woke up screamning. She was so obiviously in pain and could not be comforted. So we piled into the car and headed to the ER. During the drive, we discussed how we were at the hospital last year and I was the one screaming.

Anyways. The staff at the ER was great. The nurses had us back at Triage before I had finished filling out the paperwork. Maybe, a screaming baby might hurry the staff along?? She was quickly seen by the doctor and was diagnosed with an ear infection. They gave her some drops in her ear that I called liquid magic. Eden stopped crying within a minute and was smiling and clapping within 5 minutes after the dose. We headed home by 2:00 am. We were still in for a long night, but it was good to know she had medicine that would help ease the pain.

Eden has been fussy today, but seems to be on the mend. Overall, I felt bad she had to spend her birthday so sick :(

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Jenny Monier said...

Oh goodness! I am so sorry to hear that Eden was so sick:(

That is rough....