Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blast from the past!

We had a wonderful visit from our friends from Wake Forest this weekend.

Janna was my roommate from Seminary. I was excited to get to see her because she has just returned from 2 years of living in Southeast Asia. She was a missionary with the International Mission Board and is finishing up her last class so she can graduate in May. Janna is my Friend that tells it to me straight. You got a toilet paper trailing from your shoe or spinach in your teeth and she'll let you know :) She is a gifted mind and has a heart for the Lord. A great combo!

I tease Karen that I introduced her to the Lord on September 11, 2006. A few weeks later, I introduced her to her husband. She owes me big time! Karen has been an awesome friend that brings me great joy. He pursuit of holiness leaves me humbled. She has had a many trials as she walks with the Lord, yet she has grown and matured in a way that makes me proud to call her my sister. Her husband Wes is a constant source of laughter. He is great man and they are just awesome friends!

Wes,Una( the awesome dog wonder) Karen, Eden, Angela, Larry
Janna and Karen

Sitting on the front porch enjoying lemonade and a beautiful afternoon

Wes, Una and Eden

We had a great time guys! Thanks for coming:)

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