Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We're Back!

Praise God from whom all Blessing flow! My blessing this evening is being back online with somewhat fast Internet service :)
Two weeks ago we got a nasty virus and our computer stopped working. We took it to the shop and had it fixed. It worked for about 2 days then stopped again. We switched Internet providers twice thinking it was a connection problem, then realized it was a computer problem. We took it back to have the hard drive wiped and new Internet service put on. Thankfully all of our pictures were saved. We lost a few programs, but overall the computer is working so much better.

For now, here are a few pictures that I took over the weekend at our Easter Egg hunt. I'll post more tomorrow. For now I want to catch up on friends blogs.
Other fun facts during our absence:
Eden is using the big potty and doing very well.
Josiah is getting huge! He's 13 lbs. 1 oz. and growing. He is such a great baby!
We celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Reddicks Grove. I'll post more about that soon.
We bought a mini van.
I finally found a bridesmaids dress. The wedding is in 2 weeks In Jamaica. Yeah Abbey!
We had revival at Reddicks Grove.
So as you see, I was to busy to miss the Internet. But it's good to be back!


Rebecca said...

glad to see you're back! the kids look adorable and i can;t believe how much josiah has grown!

Casey & Erin Kinsey said...

Oh thank goodness you are back! I have missed you so much! Glad to see all is well...Eden is so cute! And Josiah...he is SO Handsome! He is big! Wyatt goes next week for his two month..cant wait to see how huge he is now. How did we end up with such BIG BOYS...must be a Kinsey thing!
Love ya & glad you are back! Erin