Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Update

Sorry for the delay in posting. Life is busy with 2 under 2. I have never been so tired or happy. Our days are filled with lots of laughter and some tears.

We spent the weekend in Wake Forest attending a VBS conference and visiting friends. Things have changed in Wake Forest in the time since we left. There is so much new growth. Our friendships are still the same. It is such a blessing to have the ability to pick up right where we left off. I was so encouraged to see my friends.

Here are a few pictures I took tonight. Eden is still figuring out her brother. She has done very well with him and is loving most of the time :)

1 comment:

Drea said...

awe eden look so grown up in these pictures.. her hairs getting really long!!

And Josiah looks like hes almost as big as her, hehe, cute!

Hope to see you soon. Thanks for inviting Travis and Taite over while I was gone. I know he liked getting Taite out.