Monday, February 23, 2009

Josiah 3 weeks

Eden is finally happy about her brother, for the moment :)

Giving brother his passy

It's close to bed time, resting with brother

Blue eyes :)
Eden has taken a liking to her little brother today. She has been funny about him lately. I think she is realizing that he is part of the family and is going to stay. She is still jealous at times, but I am so pleased that Eden is starting to show affection and interest in her little brother. Our desire as Eden and Joshia's parents is to raise them to love and protect one another.
Tonight Josiah was starting to fuss and Eden went over to him and said, "Awwww" then she put her favorite pink blanket over him and tried to put his passy back in his mouth. It was a sweet moment. Granted, she was a lot rougher than I would have liked when putting the passy in Josiah's mouth, but he didn't fuss at her. I praised her and told her what a great big sister she is. It warms a mothers heart to see acts of love like that.

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Drea said...

hes so beautiful. changing already. call me!!!