Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Dedication

The Power behind the preacher!
Casey, Ashton and Josiah being dedicated (we were praying)

Ok Honey, what are we supposed to do?

Smiling, but you can tell I'm sleep deprived

You can see, I'm in love with our son

Smiling at Josiah

Laughing as Larry leads the questions and answers them as well
Today we had the wonderful opportunity to dedicate Josiah in a ceremony at our Church. As Baptists we dedicate our children, not baptise. It is a ceremony more for the parents than the child. We publicly profess our faith and state our desire to raise our child in the teaching and admonition of the Lord.
Larry did a wonderful job creating and performing the ceremony. He asked each couple questions to confirm their faith and for their promise to raise their children to know and love the Lord. Then he prayed over each child.
It was funny as we went through the questions. Larry would ask the questions, then we would say we do, or we will. The congregation got a kick out of it. It was a wonderful experience.
And a specail thanks to Joey. He was my Johnny on the spot photographer.


Drea said...

awe wow he looks like hes gained more weight! so cute... hope to see him and u again soon.

Jenn said...

Angela, What a special time. I was looking at photos the other day of our children's dedications. What a sweet time for family commitment.

We'd love to come see you, Eden and meet Josiah. Jordan has been taking short trips in the car. Sat we went out together to Ross and looked around...girlie stuff. Tonight I took her to youth group, and she did well, but was quite tired this evening from a big weekend of getting out a few times. She loves it thought because she has been so stir crazy! :S

I think in the next week we could possibly venture toward Williamston. I'll email you so we can try to work out a time that is good for your schedule. Hope you are finding time to nap and rest.

The Kinsey's said...

You don't look sleep deprived...I was thinking you look great for having a newborn and a toddler!! How do you do it! I feel like I have my hands full with just Wyatt! I will email you this week to catch up on things....

take care of yourself!!
xoxox~Erin (& Wyatt too)