Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Life seems to be running in fast forward lately. We're in the middle of fall revival, and we spent the past weekend in Huntersville celebrating Shay's birthday. I've also started keeping a 6 month old. Eden and Josiah continue to be a great source of joy.

Eden is so grown-up sometimes. She says things that just amaze me. Tonight she started asking if she would be a mommy one day. I sure do hope so I said, but you have to get married first. Then she asked who she should I marry? I  her she didn't have to make a choice for a very long time.  Funny how her little mind works.  Larry and I have already started praying for Eden's and Josiah's future spouses.  I just didn't  know she would start asking about him so soon :)

Josiah seems to be my climbing monkey. As I was cooking dinner yesterday, he climbed up on the table and was grabbing at the chandelier. I'm sure he would pick up his feet and swing like an ape if he could! He is so cute when he is being mischievous. It's hard to discipline him when he smile and his dimple shows.

Here are a few pictures from some outside play time.

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The Noonan's said...

What great pics! Hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather and those cute kiddos!