Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abbey's Maternity Pictures

My baby sister is expecting a baby next month. It’s hard to believe that my little sister is about to embark on the wonderful and difficult adventure we call parenthood. I always think of her as a 12-year-old getting into my stuff, being a kid. But she’s not a kid anymore. She is a wonderful, funny, loving grown up. I have the privilege not only to call her my sister, but one of my best friends. In a few weeks, she’s going to get to be a mommy. I am so excited for her!

I remember the awesome time in my life when I carried Eden and Josiah. That wonderful experience having another life inside of you. I wanted to give her something to remember these day with. So with our crazy busy schedule we worked out a few minutes to run over to the beach near our parents house to take some pictures. I am so glad we did. Not only is Abbey beautiful, she is also fun. We had a blast taking these and I could tell her honestly what to do and she did it knowing we both wanted the best looking pictures out of it.

When I get home, I plan to play with editing these on my new computer with some new software I have. But I wanted to post some of my favorites for our family to see. I’ll post some before and after editing when I figure out how to work it all out. In the meantime….. Enjoy!

And baby sister, I love you so much. I hope you enjoy these and the last days of your pregnancy. I think you're going to be a great mommy :)


3 for Me! said...

Great job, Angela!!

And what a fun collection of photos to remember carrying her sweet little babe:)

Drea said...

Very cute. Ahh the joys of the beach :) Your sis is soooo tiny!! :) ahhh the joys of 1st pregnancies LOL! You did great tho i know she will cherish these.