Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Follow the leader

Samson climbed the chair
So Eden climbed the chair
Then Eden spotted Delilah going behind the couch,
So she thought.....hmmmm
....will I fit behind the couch? Then I had to put the camera down and move the couch because Eden didn't fit all the way like she thought. We had a good laugh about it :)


Jenn said...

Oh how precious is that!!!

She is such a doll.

Hope to talk with you soon. =)

Jenn said... that one where you can see kitty's tail and she is close behind. Also the one with her paci...those stand out, but they are just all precious because she is such a sweetie!!!

We miss ya'll. I've been enjoying the vege's from your garden, and I LOVE those pickles!!! I'm halfway through the jar.

Let's get together soon! Check out the recent photos of Jordan and Josh on Drea's blog when you get a chance.

Talk soon! Jenn

Drea said...

Samson reminds me so much of our cat Yuki who we had in Ohio... heres a pic of him -