Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat country style :)

Tonight was one of those nights when I felt I had stepped back in time to enjoy a holiday.I felt like I did when I was a kid, only this was much better, it was with my kids :)

Gary and Amy invited us to join our neighborhood children in a tractor pulled hayride and trick or treat. We went through the subdivision, then down the road to visit other church member's homes. 3 other tractors pulling trailers joined us and I would guess there were 100 children and adults. We knew most of the people we visited, and made some new friends. It was nice to know all the candy and food was safe for the kids because everyone knew everyone. At one point I started to tell the kids not to eat their candy until their parents could check it out. (That was the rule when I was growing up.) Then I thought about it and realized that the parents all knew each other. One of the benefits of country living.

It was so much fun to be a part of this and to watch Eden enjoy herself so much. She liked the tractor ride more than the trick or treating. I don't think she figured out that it was candy she was getting in her basket until the very end. She got some coloring crayons and playdoh as well. Josiah fell asleep before we were done. Afterwards we went to Gary and Amy's for a big bonfire, complete with hot dogs on a stick and smores.

You know, I really love this county living :)

Gary dressed as Fred Flinston on his John Deere
Loading up

Walking back to meet the group. We were slower than most of the kids

Wait daddy, we might have missed a house!

Not sure who this other ladybug was,
but she loved walking Eden around to the different homes.
Another tractor full of friends

Dorthy and Toto
aka Daylin and Macy
This is Amy
Aka Wilma Flinstone
You can see by her smile how we had such a great time.
These people are great!

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