Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eden's first book

Tonight we went to the library for a special story time that was run by the Library and the local Child's Link program. Eden and Josiah had a blast. Heather did a great job with songs, activities and books. Sharon, from Child's Link, taught the children about authors and illustrators.Then she encouraged the children to become authors. She gave me the starter book and cut outs for the project. What a great idea! Eden really enjoyed making her first book.

This has so much potential for learning. We worked on colors and animals tonight. You could also do seasons, numbers, any theme you wanted to work on. And it is such an easy thing to make. This is four zip lock bags that have been stapled together, then the duck tape was applied over them to keep the staples from little fingers. Card stock paper was cut to fit into the bags and die cuts were used to make the animals and colors. You could use any thing you wanted, like plan paper, die cuts or cut out pictures from old magazine.

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Kelly @ In Everything said...


We miss it!! Just too busy and Nate naps in the late afternoon (strange time, I know!). Sounds like the activity actually went well with our history lesson today of people having to make their own books:)

Eden is getting soo big:)