Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Windsor Zoo

A few weeks ago our local homeschool group got together at a local park and zoo.
 It was a beautiful day. The kids had a blast! There was a nice boardwalk that ended at a river bank.

  Josiah was able to take a few minutes to study the environment and cross off some things on his scavenger hunt list. I was so proud of him. I was concerned the list would be over his head, but he did really well looking for items and crossing them off himself. It brings me great joy to know that our kids will have the opportunity to learn in a way that will be outside of a classroom and in God's creation.

 Eden was also able to accomplish a first. She crossed the monkey bars all by herself.
She's growing so fast and is truly gifted athletically.
 And my sweet Titus, along for the ride :)

A pit stop for a group photo.


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