Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fire Truck, Fire Truck, I Wanna Ride on a Fire Truck!

We were able to take our homeschool group on a tour of the Williamston Fire Department. It was a great experience for them. Not only were they able to see the trucks, but they learned a lot about fire safety in the process. After watching a video, the kids were able to ask questions and think through issues regarding fire safety. The tour was an A+ in terms of education through fun.

Our homeschool group at the fire station.

 A brief moment when all three were almost still for a picture.
 Eden and Titus posing at the fire station.
 The kids were able to climb inside the fire trucks to look around.

 To say Titus loved his time at the fire station is an understatement!
One day, we might have a fire fighter in our family :)

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