Sunday, May 11, 2014

An open letter to Reddicks Grove

Dear Reddicks Grove Church Family,

Larry and I want to thank you for the six years of ministry that we have been able to serve with you at Reddicks Grove. You have welcomed us into your lives, and we have been able to share God's love with you through the joys and hardships of life. We have been with your families as you have  experienced children being born, high school and college graduations, marriages, illnesses, job losses, major surgeries, troublesome times and the deaths of some increadable people. We have prayed with you, cried with you, and rejoiced with you. We have learned so much about ministry and the goodness of God during our time at Reddicks Grove. Our greatest joy in ministry has been watching the transformational life changes that Jesus Christ has made in some of your lives.

We came to you young and idealistic, and are leaving a little older, wiser and still idealistic.  We learned that ministry is about living life with people, and people can be complicated. When dealing with people, sometime situations are not black and white. It is in the gray that we saw God's grace best displayed.

Our faith in God has grown as we have have tired to serve Him in Williamston. We have spent countless hours praying, seeking God's will for our life and family. Resigning has not been an easy decision to come to, but we feel that God has lead us to serve somewhere else. We are thankful for the technology that will allow us to continue our friendships, even if we are not in Williamston. We also look forward to the day when we will be able to worship with you again in Heaven. What a great day that will be, the day when all things will be made right, when we will see Jesus face to face and all sing out Holy, Holy Holy is the Lamb!

With Love,

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Janice Harrell said...

Hi to you all, This is the first time i read the letter you wrote to our church.I know it was a hard decission to leave our church but sometimes the devil takes hold of people and they cant see past his work not Gods. I hope you are happy where you are. i really miss you and sunday in sunday school It was just Ashton and me and he said I really miss Josiah
it is to quiet in here. I laughed and said yes it is. you all may be gone but not forgotten. Hope you have a blessed Easter at your new you much. janice