Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Covenant Christian Academy

Well, it's official! As we start our third year of homeschooling, we've finally been able to register with the state. We now have a certificate recognizing us as an official school, New Covenant Christian Academy.  A child must be 7 years old, or in the 2nd grade in order to register in the state of  North Carolina. We've  joined over 100,000 other homeschoolers in North Carolina. It is neat that we're part of a growing movement of change in education.

This year started with one of the things I have longed for, a school room. When we looked at homes, having a space for a school room was on the top of our priority list. This house had the perfect space! It's a bright cheery room that had space for our comfy couch where we do lots of reading, lots of wall space for our bookcases and cubbies, and french doors that go out to our back yard. It also has tiled floors for easy clean-up! It's a fantastic space, for which I am very thankful!

 First day of the 2014-2015 School Year.
We actually started the last week of August, but I'm slow to post thing.

 My sweet 2nd grader.

My rambunctious kindergartener.

 I wanted to remember what it looked like clean and organized.
It does not look like this now :)

 Getting to work.

One of the other things we have started this year, is preschool for Titus. Our church offers a half day preschool. Titus loves it. He gets to go to work with Daddy. They ride in the red truck. He has a construction themed backpack. They have a fun classrooms, a great playground, a science room, a music room, an imaginative play room, and he gets to go to chapel twice a week with Daddy and Pastor Bert. Oh, he is a happy boy! 

To my knowledge, he has never shed a tear at school. He was fine when we dropped him off the first time, and has been fine ever sense. The same can not be said for his Momma. This is my first time letting go, and it came with lots of tears. However, they are selfish tears. I am thrilled with the love and attention he gets from the staff. They are like a big family, and we are blessed to get to be a part of it.

And evidently, Titus' stubborn streak is only evident at home. They have yet to see a temper tantrum at school. I remember being a preschool teacher, and parents questioning angelic behavior.  Now, I'm that parent! It's great to know, Titus is so happy and well behaved at school. 

The time he is at the preschool, gives me the opportunity to focus on Eden and Josiah.  We get almost everything done before he comes home. Then we have lunch, and Titus naps. We can finish whatever didn't get completed  during the morning, when he sleeps. We could not have asked for things to have been arraigned any better. It was like God had it all laid out for us when He called us to Lower Creek. Hmm-mm, Imagine that! :)

Titus also wants to school with us, and is happy to join in the fun.
Here are a few photos of my little south paw at work. :)

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