Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beco Baby Carrier

I'm trying to win a Beco Baby Carrier and if I blog about it I get an extra entry :) My friend Kelly writes for a great site called Simple. They are hosting a drawing for Baby Snazz. Kelly had the Beco at the park the other day. She and I both wore Josiah in it. He's the chubby baby she's referring to in the post. I loved the carrier. It felt great to wear him front and back. He fell asleep in it, which is always a great thing. Josiah weighs 22lbs. He's getting to heavy to wear for extended times in ring slings b/c it so much weight is on one shoulder. This carrier distributed his weight evenly and I was comfortable wearing him for over an hour. This is a great carrier. I would love to win it:) Feel free to check them out or ask me questions :)

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