Monday, August 2, 2010

Reflections of Haiti- Part one

As time permits and computer speed allows, I am going to attempt to share some of my reflections on our time spent in Haiti. It was a wonderful, difficult and humbling experience that I pray will impact you in some small way. Maybe if you can see and imagine how difficult and sweetly simple life is there, you will appreciate your blessings all the more.

One of the projects Larry and Gary worked on all week was building a septic tank at an orphanage for a couple named Oscar and Christine. Oscar and Christine have two children and are pregnant with their third. They have taken in 16 orphans since the earthquake. You can just imagine what an AMAZING couple they are. Larry was able to spend a lot of time with Oscar and was moved by his remarkable faith and willingness to take in 16 children.

I thought to myself. If there was some kind of natural disaster would I be willing to take in 16 extra children??? That takes major courage and a faith in the Lord to provide. Thankfully we were able to be a part of that providing process. Baptist Men of NC is helping fund the building and our construction teams are helping with the work to offset the cost.

Larry and I have talked and we want our church and friends to pray about being a financial support to this specific orphanage. It is still in beginning stages, but the plan was to have the children move in when the bathrooms were completed. It is much safer and larger than where they are currently staying. The building is roughly the size of our 3 bedroom home and will house the 19 children, Oscar and his wife and 2 workers.

I asked if there would be bunk beds, Oscar said that was to expensive for now. He plans to buy carpets to have on the floor to sleep on. The orphanage has concrete level floors. I think they are on dirt floors where they are currently staying.

The other more important consideration was the cost to educate the children. Every parent in Haiti knows that education is the only way a child has a change to better themselves. The cost is approximately $35-50 per year for a child to attend public school. Oscar will need between $630-900 to send all of the orphans to school. We are praying that people will be moved to sponsor a child for a year. If you're interested please e-mail me and I will give you further information.

We stopped by to visit Oscar's orphans and gave them flip flops that had been donated by one of our church members. The children were so thankful to receive shoes. They sang, laughed and played. It was such a blessing to be a part of helping them.
Oscar and Christine and all their children.

This young man worked every day at the site in hopes that he would be able to live in the orphanage that was being built. He's an orphan too.

The work site. This is the construction team and part of the medical teams.

Pouring the foundation for the septic tank.

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The Browns said...

Amazing Angela!!! I can only imagine the impact you had on all those kids. You guys are such a blessing.