Friday, December 17, 2010

The difference between boys and girls!

The difference between girls and boys.

Eden wanted a wagon ride but freaked out because there was a frog in the wagon. She squealed and jumped up and down, well like a girl :)

Josiah seeing the frog thought, Wow that's neat. I think I should catch it. And he did!
That's a little frog leg under his thumb. I was so impressed that he caught it, then fearful he might squish it. 
So I quickly put down the camera to free the frog.

This was one of those times I loved seeing the difference between my boy and girl! It' is a blessing to have one of each. They are so different, but they are supposed to be :)

*** no animal was harmed during this episode. Maybe a little freaked out, but not harmed.


Drea said...

I thought you were going to say he ripped his leg off LOL!!

Yes boys are A LOT different than girls.

Last night at walmart I had Taite with me and ran into a pregnant friend... she had her almost 2 yr old little girl sitting quietly in the cart playing with beads and as we chatted, Taite began to CLIMB into the cart, without help, standing on the edge of the back of the cart. It did not phase me AT ALL... but she gasped and said "doesnt that worry you?" :-)

I said "Ohhh you just wait" ;-) she is due soon with her 1st baby boy.

Boys are fearless and do some of the craziest things... sometimes you think "do they use their brain" :) but it really is just the way God made boys. I highly suggest bringing up boys book.

I just tell any more expecting a boy "prepare yourself" :-) ive had 3 and its a very interesting road with lots of bumps, bruises but oh so sweet kisses!

Larissa said...

There are so many differences between boys and girls. We are enjoying watching those differences in our own sweet girl.
I have to say, though, in your particular scenario ... 3 of my children would have been all about touching and holding that frog ... one of them would have run the other way. Without naming any names, though, I'll just say that the girl would not have been running! ;)