Monday, December 20, 2010

I blame Wyatt!

This handsome fellow is Wyatt, or "baby Wyatt" as Eden and Josiah like to call him.

Wyatt hangs out with us a few days each week, so his Momma can go to work. I blame him for giving me baby fever. He's a snuggle bug and LOVES to be worn. It took a few days to find the balance of caring for three, especially when all three of them fuss at the same time. But faster than I realized it we got into a little routine.

Josiah really loves Wyatt. Most days as Wyatt leaves, his hair is a little greasy from the many, many times Josiah has rubbed it and said, "easy" or "soft touches."  It makes me happy to know that Josiah is so caring with a little one because his little brother or sister will be here in July! I'm hoping we'll have perfected the "Easy" touches by time the next little one gets here. :)


Anonymous said...

My GOODNESS!!! He could pass as one of ours... He is precious!!!

Drea said...

By the time new baby comes Josiah should be a little less heavy handed.. maybe.. Taite is still a little rough with Owen, but its usually not on purpose.