Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eden's Heart Surgery

Today while the boys took their naps, Larry and I talked to Eden about her upcoming surgery. We began by giving her the princess pajamas that her Grandma and Granddaddy sent for the time she's in the hospital. She was thrilled! Then I explained how she would be wearing these special pajamas while she was in the hospital. I was surprised I stayed as calm as I did as I explained everything to her. That was a God thing, because I've been anxious about the whole things for the past few days.

Eden's first question, "Do I get to ride on a helicopter?" Her cardiologist's office is next to the landing pad for the helicopters. Then she asked. " am I going to get a baby?" The last time we went to the hospital, Momma had Titus. Then she said, "And PawPaw was just in the hospital to get better." It's funny the things that run through the mind of a four year old. After all was discussed and questions answered she was ready to pack for her adventure.

Eden was 2 months old she was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT). We were told that if she didn’t grow out of it that she would have to have surgery. Sadly, she has not grown out of it and the surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 8:30am. You can find more information about SVT here and Eden's story here. Essentially, Eden’s heart races for no reason. The last time she had an episode that was recorded her heart was beating 278 beats a minute. That is a dangerously high level. So she will undergo surgery to ablate (or destroy) the tissue that is causing her heart to race.

We are thankful to be surrounded with a community of faith. We believe in the power of pray and ask that you and your families please join us and pray for the following specifics:

Pray that Eden’s surgery would go well and have no complications. The surgery will take between 6-8 hours. Please pray for her Cardiologist, Dr. David Fairbrother, and all the other doctors and nurses that will be caring for Eden. Pray her recovery would be quick and as painless as possible. Pray that she would do well with the anesthesia. Pray that she will not be fearful. Pray that she will rest well the days afterwards when she need to be still so that healing can take place in her heart and arteries.

Please pray for Titus. We have been trying to bottle feed him for the time that I need to be with Eden. He has not done well with taking a bottle. Larry's Mom and Dad are planning to stay across the street at a hotel so I can go back and forth to feed him. However, there will be times I need to be with Eden and he will need a bottle. Please pray he will eat well and that he will return to nursing easily when we return home. Please also pray he would start sleeping through the night. It would be much easier if I didn’t have to go back and forth from the hospital to the hotel in the middle of the night.

Pray for Josiah. Larry’s parents are going to keep him and will do an excellent job distracting him. We  have to have restful days after the surgery. So no wrestling or rough playing between Eden and Josiah. This is a favorite pastime for them. Keeping them separate will be hard. Pray for wisdom and understanding there.

Pray for Larry and me as we try to make decisions to best serve our family. I am struggling with a lot of anxiety. I normally have all three of my children with me all day. Having us split up in different places is hard for me to handle. I know all three children will be well cared for, it just can’t be by me, and that’s difficult. Plus the worry of a mother for her child is heavy.

This is a trail that the Lord is using to grow our faith. It is hard, and I am weak when it comes to the health and well being of my children. BUT the God of the universe who created Eden, Josiah and Titus knows this situation and it is in His control. Please pray that we will bring Him glory as we face fears, hardships and health issues.


The Monier Family said...

Praying for that precious girl! And as always, praying for you and Larry. You CAN do this, Angela. You are a strong, Godly woman:)
If you need to pray, I am just a call away.

Aliesha said...

We are praying for your family during this time!

Kelly B said...

Praying and just a phone call away!!

It's been sweet to hear my children pray for Eden and the concern they have for her!

Harriet Oliff said...

Praying for you all. I so relate to the feeling of having your family spread out. Even today on the rare occasion that all my children are with us at the same time, Dave will turn to me and say "Are ya happy". He knows my heart is at rest.

I constantly have to remind myself that God loves my children more than I do. I doesn't seem possible, but I know it is true.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Harriett said it all... To hear your voices and see pictures of you children and of our beautiful grandchildren are the greatest gift that God has given us to enjoy while we are here on earth... To have you all in one place just swells a heart to it's fullest. Our prayers are offered up daily for each of you. And Tuesday, Eden will be our focus with prayers and love. God will see all of us through this. We love you!!

Anonymous said...

Larry & Angela,
Andy and I will be praying for you and your sweet little girl especially tomorrow. David and Jeanne have been there for us through some really tough times during our lives and they have taken care of my babies when I couldn't and I know what that feels like when you are stretched among your sweet little ones. Let them and others love all of you through this. It will be a ministry to them as well. We love you all a lot.
Andy and Pam Morris