Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sitting Pretty/ 5 month update

Titus continues to amaze me with his fast growth and strength. He can now sit up by himself and is army crawling around the room. Gone are the days when I could leave him on a blanket and he be there when I return. He is weighing in at 18 lbs 10.5 oz., 26 inches tall. and wearing 9 month clothes. We grow big boys in the Gilbreath House!  
 I see a big boy car seat in out near future because He is almost to long and heavy to keep in his carrier car seat.  He is a smiling happy baby that loves to be held and is super cute when sucking his thumb. Thankfully, he only fusses when he's hungry or sleepy and he is also very ticklish. Sleeping through the night is still a goal, though I am trying to enjoy this sweet time with him.  Soon he'll be running aroun, and eating people food. The next thing I'll know he will be in college! 

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YaYa said...

Oh my goodness, can't believe he's doing all of this and we haven't seen much of it!!! He is so cute... But you know, I see a "little Gilbreath" in those eyes and forehead... Compare Josiah's 6 month old pictures - hey, we grandparents don't care who they look like - they will always be the best and cutest!!! We will see you all soon... Love ya