Saturday, August 11, 2012

Butterfly in the Sky

We had friends go out of town and ask if we would butterfly sit for them. Growing butterflies will be part of our Kindergarten curriculum next spring. So I figured it would be a great starting point for the kids to experience.  Little did I know we would hatch a beautiful butter in less than 2 days. How is that for immediate gratification for the kids (and Mom).

Eden decided to name her Morning. I guess because she was born in the morning. She also called her black and yellow, for obvious reasons.

Since I needed to study up on what butterflies eat and how to keep them, we decided to let ours free so she could fend for herself. We also called her a "she" but I have no idea if she was a she or a he. I just hope we'll see her around again, because it was a windy day and she left after being loved on by the kids.

 Opening the cage to let her free.

 Checking out the flowers. Food maybe?

 The millisecond that Eden held her, it was an insect after all!

 My curious Josiah ready to touch and hold her.

I love that smile!

This experience gave me great hope for all we are going to
learn and experience in home school this next year.

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Avrose said...

Isn't is amazing!?!? This was my FAVORITE science unit when I taught first grade. It's okay to keep them a few days as their wings dry out and they love sugar water (we would mix some up and lightly put cotton balls in it in a jar lid in the bottom of the cage - the Butterflies will land on the cotton balls and 'drink'). The 'release day' was always bittersweet for me and for the students. Have fun!