Sunday, March 17, 2013

100 Days of School

A few weeks ago we took the kids to the bowling ally to celebrate 100 days of school. 10 games of 10 pins=100. Good math lesson plus a first time adventure for the kids.

They eagerly grabbed balls and started hurling them down the ally. 

 Check out the look of concentration on her face! 
 Wishing the ball to stay in the middle lane.
 Yes! I hit a some!
 And the dancing begins!
 She's a better dancer than a bowler :)

Josiah used the dragon to launch his ball towards the pins. 
By the end of the game, he had figured out how to hold the ball at the dragon's head and would run from across the room and push the ball for added force.

He decided to sit for a while, sometimes the balls took a long time to make it down to the pins.

Overall, it was a great experience for the kids. They are looking forward to a visit from Grandma and Granddaddy. Grandma has skills when it comes to bowling, maybe the kids will inherit some from her :)

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Drea said...

They sure have grown!