Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Our kids love Dr. Seuss books, so we decided to celebrate his 109th birthday with 2 days of fun. This fun included lunch of green eggs and ham, reading Dr. Seuss books, watching The Lorax movie, and a party at the library with lots of other kids. 

Lunch of Green Eggs and Ham.

Eden wasn't sure she would like Green eggs and ham, but neither was the cat in the hat!

 But just like the cat, she gave it a try, and Say 
she did, she did like green eggs and ham, she did like them Sam-I-am! 
Both Eden and Josiah had two helpings of green eggs.

Josiah proclaiming this was the best Dr. Seuss day ever!

I think Titus is one of the cutest kids ever, 
especially in a Dr. Seuss hat and a super man shirt! 

I do believe this will have to become an annual tradition.

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