Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Little Scientists

 I love the look of joy on my child's face when they have what I call a light bulb moment. It's when they figure out a concept, or accomplish a task that they have yet to face. It's one of the best aspects of homeschooling. I got to see that look of joy on Eden's and Josiah's faces this afternoon.

This week we are studying Rocks. Today's science experiment was to create a small volcano. What a great science experiment for little kids! We molded play-doh onto a volcano shape, then hollowed it out with a spoon. I let the kids measure baking soda into the hole. Then I let them pour in red tinted vinegar and watched their looks of delight as their volcano erupted.

The kids loved this experiment. We are also growing crystal rocks, but those will take a while longer to emerge.  For now, I'm going to hide the baking soda and vinegar just to make sure we don't have any unplanned explosions. :)

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YaYa said...

So neat!!! And their expressions were awesome... And yes, hide the baking soda for sure!!!